2014 Swimwear Trends

With summer only a few months away this is the perfect time to start shopping for swimwear. Shopping for swimwear isn’t always fun: dressing room lighting, unflattering bikinis and our own personal insecurities can all get to the best of us. However, knowing exactly what you’re looking for when you go into a store can make things much easier and dressing up your look with accessories will certainly make things more fun! The most important element to shopping for swimwear is knowing what’s flattering to your body. Whether you’re comfortable in a sexy one piece or a bikini, wear what works for you and own it! Here are a few of our favorite 2014 swimwear fashion trends to look out for.



1. Bold One-Pieces With Cool Cut Outs

One-pieces are flattering on all body types. Sexy one-piece swimsuits with bold prints and unique cut outs are eye catching and trendy.

EBW920131212. High Waist Bikinis

High waist bikini bottoms are a newer trend.  Not only do they look amazing but they also tend to cover up problem areas that haven’t been worked off in the gym.

EBW122013_367EBW82013_176 (1)3. Sheer Accents

Sheer accents are a hot new trend that leaves little to the imagination. This is a sexy way to spice up your beach look and turn a few heads.

ebw24. Body Jewelry

Take your look to the next level by adding some body jewelry.  Body chains tend to work best with bikinis.  Start off with just one piece, don’t over do it.  You can typically find body chains at specialty stores.

EBW22013_0255. Cool Cut Outs

Unique cut outs are a great way to make a statement this summer.  These bikinis don’t leave the most flattering tan lines but they’ll leave a lasting impression.

ebw3ebw56. White Throw Overs

White is still trending.  If you’re going for a more clean, classy and sophisticated look you can’t go wrong with white! White throw overs offer a fresh finish to any beach look.

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