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Divorce attorney Amanda R. Jacobson graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, FL with an honors degree in Foreign Languages and English Literature, and thereafter earned her Juris Doctor at the University of Miami School of Law.

Upon graduating from law school, Ms. Jacobson joined the Office of the State Attorney in Orange County, FL in 1996, as an Assistant State Attorney, prosecuting all types of criminal cases, including DUI, Sexual Crimes, and Murder. As a prosecutor, Amanda handled enormous caseloads and engaged in highly litigated jury trials. She developed both a love for the courtroom, and an ease in the courtroom, that have continued 20 years later in her practice today. 

In 1999, Ms. Jacobson became a founding partner of the boutique law firm, now, Jacobson, Chmelir & Ferwerda, focusing on Family Law (Divorce, Paternity & Child Support) and Criminal Defense. In Criminal Defense cases, Amanda offers skilled experience to resolve serious, life-altering criminal charges. As a former prosecutor, Ms. Jacobson accurately evaluates her clients’ defenses while strategizing resolutions to the charges. Amanda joined the Federal Court in the Middle District of Florida 19 years ago, and has handled numerous federal cases, including lengthy, white collar crime trials. Ms. Jacobson and her firm routinely review thousands of pages of evidence provided by the Government, ensuring no detail is missed. From complex federal conspiracies to simple misdemeanors, Amanda’s experience and knowledge assure an uncompromising defense of her clients’ rights.

In the past two decades, Ms. Jacobson has assertively litigated hundreds of Family Law cases, including Divorces, Custody matters, Child Support issues and Modification proceedings. Amanda’s skill in Family Law hearings and trials serve her clients well; from presenting evidence effectively, to engaging outside professionals who advocate her clients’ position to the courts, Amanda’s experience has led to her clients’ success. Outside the courtroom, Ms. Jacobson also mediates Family Law cases as a Certified Family Law Mediator, helping separated families find resolution in their conflict.

Whether in mediation or in the courtroom, Amanda ensures her clients receive the highest level of communication, legal advice and action. Her clients are vocal as to the excellence of her work, vaunting her zealous representation in the courtroom, along with her connection to the individuals and their needs. As a mother of two young daughters, Amanda brings an understanding and empathy to her clients’ custody concerns.

From spouses seeking extensive division of family corporate businesses assets, complex custody matters, and relocation of custody cases, Ms. Jacobson has the resources and skill to ensure that her clients’ interests are strategically pursued and protected. Amanda matches aggressive, proactive litigation with experience and empathy, earning her reputation for excellence in the Divorce & Family Law, and Criminal Defense fields.

Amanda R. Jacobson
Jacobson, Chmelir & Ferwerda