Photo by Darin Back

228 N Park Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789 | 407-645-2264 |

In 2017, Vanessa Minter became the new owner of Bangz Park Avenue Salon. It was famously one of the longest standing salons in the state, having held the same location for nearly three decades, but for Vanessa, it was much more than that. In Bangz she recognized opportunity—opportunity to grow, to share, and to contribute to the community of Orlando. In her vision for Bangz, the salon’s future was just as significant as its impressive past, and while its history had already upheld it as one of the staple landmarks of Winter Park, she wanted it to continue to grow in the community.

In the years since Vanessa became the owner of Bangz, the salon has proved that it has more than enough potential to grow. Nestled in the heart of Park Avenue in Winter Park, Bangz is a small, boutique salon that emphasizes the quality of service and the importance of experience. After partnering with Aveda, Vanessa took the values embraced by Aveda and incorporated them into every aspect of the salon. With her talented and valued team, Vanessa ensures that Bangz does not merely make their guests feel beautiful on the outside, but instead receive a personal and custom experience that touches soul to scalp. The quality of the Bangz’s work is the absolute priority of Vanessa’s team, and with Aveda, every product used to achieve their beautiful results is sourced from cruelty free and organic sources.
While there has been much change at Bangz, it reflects the growth toward a future, and it is a vision that would be impossible without Vanessa’s team—but if you were to ask her, she would consider them family. The team at Bangz had consistently supported the values of the salon, and every day they work together to create a better environment which can bolster the flourishing community. They are proud of the Bangz history, but they know that together they are paving the way to the bright future.
Under the leadership of Vanessa, Bangz has also endeavored into extensive community work. Vanessa’s foundation, The Celeste Giving Light Foundation, provides complementary services to guests who are fighting various diseases and is also a partner of the Cancer Society of Florida. Last year, Bangz was proud to host Pink on Park, an event which benefitted Florida’s Breast Cancer Fund.

Two years ago, Vanessa had a dream for what she imagined Bangz Park Avenue to be. Now, surrounded by her loving team and supportive guests, she is confident that Bangz will continue to set the bar for growing salons in Orlando.