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 Certified Image Consultant and Mary Kay Independent Sales Director

Are you your own saboteur? On the road to success you want to look like you belong there! Remember, your image impacts your future opportunity.

How has your image been challenged these past 18 months? Have you become complacent and let yourself go? Have you relaxed expectations of yourself to some degree? Does your body and wardrobe support your statistical edge?

If you could reassess and improve one area of your personal image, would it be hair, face, body, wardrobe, or manners? Do you need to revisit those social skills and conversational abilities? If you are like so many, we have admittedly lost our momentum here.

Well, this is the good news! There are countless ways to improve your image and to restore that “edge”! We invest in our websites and online presence, why not invest in yourself. Give some new thought to the image you wish to project? Did you know that appearing to be on top of your game and in step with the times helps you perform better, produce more, and experience more satisfaction and success?

The New Year is that perfect opportunity to enhance one or two aspects of your image to bring into focus this NEW YOU! Hire a professional to organize your closet, update your wardrobe, and reinvent your personal best. Sharpen your new way of expressing  yourself . Create a strategy for your intentions going forward with a pro. How will you look your best on your road of success? It’s a new world out there. It’s up to you to bring a new understanding to the mix in your personal image.

Bette Lord Hillman is a certified Image Consultant and a Mary Kay Sales Director. She is the Executive Director for the Downtown/Winter Park WOAMTEC Networking Organization and a member of Central Florida’s EAGO networking group. She works directly with Dr Marv’s Perfect Portraits.

Hillman is the CFO of Fonchen Lord Art and the First VP for the Maitland Woman’s Club. She is an Ambassador for the Mary Kay Ash Foundation. She is a member of the Asbury United Methodist Church and a Stephen Leader with the Stephen Ministries at AUMC. Bette is a member of the Florida Worship Choir and a Pi Beta Phi Alum. Her husband, Skip, is a builder, operator of multi-family properties, and land developer.

Her son, Grant, serves in the US Air Force and Air National Guard as a Lt. Colonel. He is married to Carrie, and they have two daughters, Willow and Sage.

Bette’s Business Leading Mary Kay team has just earned the use of a 2022 Pink Cadillac XT-5. They say, “When you bring out the Hillmans, you bring out the best! The best in you brings out the best in all of us!” Contact Bette through her websites: www.bettelordhillman.com; www.marykay.com/bhillman,  or call 407-484-4356.