“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” What impression are you making about your organization, your corporation, or you? Impression management can influence perception and suggests that success can come through self packaging.

No one knows it better than Professional Image Consultant Bette Lord Hillman who works with leaders in all industries as a wardrobe  and beauty consultant. “As we enhance our image on line, on social media, have we taken the step to enhance our personal self packaging image?” Hillman asserts that image impression management influences perception and suggests that your success can improve through personal branding and self packaging.

Perception can become reality. Are you perceived as trustworthy and on the cutting edge of your industry? Do you have a signature style? Does it need an update? A great personal brand and signature style helps you be yourself and stand out from the crowd.

Hillman works confidentially with leaders to give them the statistical edge they need or want to carve out their professional niche. Whether you are creating your public image for your organization, your company, or you, Hillman can offer valuable support to add to your confidence and impact.

Perhaps you have a strong professional image brand and are satisfied with your impression. How do you sustain that level when you go to a wedding or special social occasion? In Florida, we have regional issues regarding temperature. How do you sustain a leadership image in the heat or during the summer months when you are challenged by regional issues?

Simon Sinek  of Delta Protective Services recently sited through Harvard research that our current generation has the lowest self esteem of any previous generations. Hillman recognizes that a great first impression and personal brand can improve self esteem and confidence. With confidence we can experience more job fulfillment and satisfaction. Updating and refining our personal brand can open new doors of opportunity.

In addition to working as a wardrobe and beauty consultant, Bette is a Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, an Executive Director for WOAMTEC, and a Beauty Prep Consultant with Dr. Marv Broderick of Perfect Portraits. She works as a trustee for Lord Art, JAL Maplewood Farms, Braden River Ranchettes, and English Estates. Bette is also a member of the Executive Association of Greater Orlando, Pi Beta Phi Fraternity, Maitland Womens Club, ARE in Va.Beach, and the Florida Worship Choir. She volunteers as a Stephen Leader, Stephen Minister, and choir soloist for AUMC in Maitland. Bette continues to donate to local charities as well as Cancer Research and Domestic Violence Prevention through the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation in Dallas, Texas.

Hillman has additional projects she is overseeing on the horizon. Ann Gurley Rogers’ book “Fonchen Lord: The Road to Minimalism” is due out July 2017. The Museum of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg, Florida, will feature Fonchen’s art in their Modern and Contemporary Exhibition July – October 2017. The Fonchen Lord Memorial Award is given every year to the Florida Artist’s Group since 1992. 

Bette Lord Hillman