Yes, you read that right! The famous Bloody Mary turns 100 this year. The Bloody Mary’s origins are cloudy, but if the story of Fernand Petiot, who’s said to have first made the drink at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris in 1921, is to be believed, this year marks the cocktail’s 100th birthday – and it will carry on for 100 more. His creation was popularized by the city’s cocktail crowd. Since then it has been a staple of hotels and upscale restaurants all over the world, also gaining the reputation of the “hangover cure”.

Nowadays, the Bloody Mary is very versatile; no Bloody Mary is the same. Each bartender, each mixologist has their own twist and has experimented with the ingredients to find their favorite combination. Tomato juice is the only ingredient that will always remain the same, for it is the base of the drink. After that, the creativity can get wild. Some add celery salt, some add the actual celery stick. Worcestershire sauce is another common ingredient, along with olives and garlic powder. There are those who like their Bloody Mary to be spicy and will have the cocktail with some Tabasco or a dash of cayenne pepper. 

The Bloody Mary isn’t your ordinary cocktail, and it is definitely an acquired taste, not for everyone. But we understand their appeal, for after all, they are the first properly savory cocktail. Simplicity is key to a great cocktail, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be room for invention and experimentation – that is how the Bloody Mary was born anyways.