Orlando gallery-museum Bronze Kingdom showcases African art, culture and history with largest collection of African bronze sculptures in world

One of Orlando’s newest attractions provides visitors a glimpse at the other side of the world and back in time – all through the artistry of African tribal art.  Bronze Kingdom is an 8,000-square-foot gallery-museum showcasing approximately 300 pieces of a more than 2,000-piece collection – the largest collection of rare African bronze sculptures in the world. 

Founded in 2017 by collector, philanthropist and entrepreneur Rawlvan R. Bennett, Bronze Kingdom offers visitors the opportunity to view and purchase unique African tribal art pieces with artistic and historical significance.

Bennett acquired the artwork over the past 37 years directly from African leaders through cultivated relationships and respectful negotiations building schools, hospitals and bridges for West African communities.   

“Collecting this artwork has been a life’s passion for me,” said Bennett. “The beauty, history and cultural significance of each piece has brought great meaning in my life. Through Bronze Kingdom, we hope others will have the opportunity to experience and gain insight into this authentic art that is still largely unknown.”

Bronze Kingdom showcases an expansive variety of African bronze, beaded and wood sculptures from 29 African countries including Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali, and Ghana

All the art on display at Bronze Kingdom, as well as many other pieces in the collection, are available for purchase. As part of any purchase, Bronze Kingdom will deliver, install and provide maintenance on the piece, leaving collectors little left to do but admire their rare piece of African history. Purchases can be shipped worldwide. 

“My wish is for our patrons to learn the history of the African people,” said Bennett. “To understand that African Americans are not only descendants of slaves. Slavery is a part of our history, but it is not the whole story. Our story begins with our ancestors in Africa who were Kings and Queens, and our legacy is told through the stories of their African artifacts that we will now call African Art.”

The gallery-museum is open to collectors, institutions and the general public for sales, educational tours, cultural programs and exclusive events. Admission is $10 for adults, and $5 for children under 12.

Bronze Kingdom is located at 8249 Parkline Boulevard, Suite 400 in Orlando, Fla.  For more information, please visit www.bronzekingdom.com.