There’s a new menu in town that’s redefining how Orlando does brunch!

Located at ICON Orlando 360, Yard House Orlando is a globally-inspired eatery open daily for lunch, dinner, happy hour and late-night dining. Tourists and locals alike regularly delight in more than 100 made-from-scratch Yard House favorites, but few know that the popular chain recently unveiled a brand new brunch menu that is sure to redefine how you do brunch. Not only does the Yard House brunch menu feature a dozen wildly different entrees, it also offers bottomless mix-and-match house beers, bloody marys, and mimosas for just $15. That’s right, I said bottomless mix-and-match which means you can enjoy endless pours of sweet mimosas and bloody marys or switch it up by adding a refreshing house beer to the mix. I was eager to experience this new brunch for myself so that is exactly what I did with my mother and sister in tow.

Our server Jonathan was a pure delight from beginning to end as he spoke candidly about the menu and suggested a number of equally fabulous-sounding offerings. With a cold mimosa in hand, I took my time studying each and every mouth-watering description. The All-American Breakfast with cage-free cheese eggs served with bacon, crispy ripped potatoes and grilled artisan bread sounded like a perfect selection for a breakfast lover like myself. On the other hand, the Corned Beef & Potato Hash was also sure to be a hit with hash of shredded corned beef topped with green onions and a cage-free fried egg. Needless to say, making a decision with so many options took several minutes, but eventually my group was finally able to narrow it down to Avocado Toast, Machaca Con Huevos, and the Breakfast Burger.

Time disappeared then as conversation and bottomless drinks flowed and before we knew it, our highly-anticipated brunch had arrived. The magnificent spread before us was a vibrant array of colors and tantalizing aromas that foreshadowed the excellent dining experience to come. The Avocado Toast featured toasted artisan bread topped with smashed avocado, whipped feta, arugula, tomatoes and cage-free fried egg. The bread was large enough for bite size-friendly munching and thick enough to stand up to the weight and spread of toppings without becoming soggy—it was a definite must try! The Machaca Con Huevo was a praise-worthy take on the popular Mexican dish and came with shredded braised beef and cage-free egg scrambled with red onion, pasilla peppers and jalapeños. In addition to being topped with jack cheese and drizzled with green tomatillo and red ancho chili sauces, the hearty dish also came served with spicy rice, pinto beans and warm flour tortillas.

Last, but certainly not least was my entree of choice, the Breakfast Burger. It was an eye-catching sight to behold and my hunger wasn’t going to let me behold it for long without diving in. The dish featured Kurobuta pork burger and pork belly flat grilled and served on a toasted panko bun topped with a cage-free fried egg and maple bacon cream sauce. The hand-crafted burger was perfectly complemented with a side of crispy ripped potatoes though it would’ve been plenty filling as a stand alone item. Not a single morsel was spared as the three of us devoured the incredibly unique, yet delicious brunch in front of us. As with any Yard House meal, we were left comfortably full and completely satisfied, but you know what they say… there’s always room for dessert! At the suggestion of Jonathan, my companions and I opted for Bread Pudding French Toast & Fresh Berries, an additional Brunch Menu entree that doubled as our sugary-sweet dessert. The battered bread pudding was prepared to a crispy golden brown, dusted with powdered sugar and topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries. A serving of maple syrup and maple bacon cream sauce on the side perfectly completed the decadent dish that I predict will quickly become a brunch menu favorite for hundreds of future guests.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, do yourself a favor and make sure it includes brunch at Yard House. Brunch is available every Saturday-Sunday from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM and with a dozen unique entrees, there is truly something for everyone. For those seeking vegetarian friendly dishes, you may enjoy everything from the Vegetable Frittata with cage-free eggs baked with veggies and cheddar to the Quinoa Power Bowl blended with greek yogurt and topped with honey, peanut butter, and fresh fruit. Meanwhile, my fellow meat lovers will delight in a variety of other brunch selections such as Skirt Steak & Eggs served with house made steak sauce, crispy ripped potatoes, and grilled artisan bread. I personally intend to return very shortly to give the Nashville Hot Chicken a try with fried white meat coated with a hot pepper spice blend and served with sweet potato pancakes. No matter what you’re craving this weekend, you’re sure to find it on the brand new Brunch Menu at Yard House. Oh, and did I mention they have bottomless mix-and-match mimosas? Hope to see you there!

Yard House

8367 International Drive

Orlando, FL 32819