By Riesa Pascal

It’s the age-old question that no one ever seems to be able to agree upon: Do aliens exist? While not everyone is entirely convinced that humans can definitively answer this question, there are others—even celebrities—who would go so far as to say that the existence of aliens is a proven fact! The following stars not only believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life, they have publicly claimed to have had their own close encounters. So are UFOs and aliens really among us? We’ll let you (and these celebrities) be the judge!

Demi Lovato 

You would think that most alien-believing celebrities would want to keep their beliefs private for fear of being ridiculed, but Demi Lovato isn’t like most celebrities. In 2021, the singer and actress produced and hosted a four-part docuseries for Peacock TV called Unidentified with Demi Lovato. The show was an exploration for answers into the unknown following an experience she had after her birthday party in 2020. Lovato claimed that she was outside stargazing and trying to make “eye contact” with aliens when she suddenly succeeded. In a later incident, Lovato claims she was in Joshua Tree when she came across a floating blue orb in the desert. She says the extraterrestrial orb hovered around 15 feet from the ground and 50 feet from her, but it seems the aliens decided to pass on abducting the star!


It seems Lovato isn’t the only one experiencing strange phenomenons in Joshua Tree! When Kesha released her 2017 album Rainbows, she revealed during media tours that the album was deeply inspired by her alien sightings in Joshua Tree. Known to be a party-girl, Kesha added the disclaimer that she was completely sober as she shared how she encountered five to seven balls of fire in the sky that went away and then suddenly came back again. It’s worth noting that Kesha is no stranger to paranormal activity as she made the wild claim back in 2012 that she’s had intimate relations with a ghost in the past… let’s just hope aliens won’t be the next ones to explore relations with the singer.

Fran Drescher 

If you’re old enough to remember sitcoms in the 90s, then you will easily remember Fran Drescher from her iconic role as Fran Fine on The Nanny. In 2012, the actress was speaking with media outlets to promote her television show Happily Divorced when she made a surprising revelation about herself and her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson. Not only does Drescher believe in the existence of aliens, she is thoroughly convinced that she and Jacobson were each abducted by them as children. The story goes that the former couple both had individual experiences during junior high where they were driving with their fathers and extraterrestrials abducted them and implanted chips in their hands. The duo have matching scars on their hands and Drescher believes they were “programmed” to meet each other shortly after their alleged kidnappings.

Robbie Williams 

Former member of Take That and successful solo singer Robbie Williams did an interview with 60 Minutes back in 2018 that delved into his beliefs and experience with aliens. Although skeptics will point out that Williams has struggled with addiction and may have been under the influence, the singer shared one incident that occurred while he claims to have been completely sober. During the incident, Williams says he saw a UFO hovering above his head that was close enough for him to “hit it with a tennis ball.” 10 years prior, Williams took a break from music and spent some time looking for aliens in the Nevada desert with writer Jon Ronson. Ronson wrote about the experience in an article for The Guardian which included taking part in a UFO convention. 

Miley Cyrus 

In a 2021 interview with Interview magazine, actress and singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus discussed the time she believes a UFO chased her down. Cyrus claims she was driving in San Bernadino with a friend when the spacecraft began to follow them. The ship looked like a glowing snowplow and Cyrus said that her friend and othern drivers on the highway all seemingly saw the UFO and stopped their vehicles to stare. Cyrus went on to say that she even made eye contact with the driver of the UFO which was more distressing than the chasing itself. She claims it took her almost a week to recover from the terrifying extraterrestrial encounter.

Lupe Fiasco 

It would appear that even rappers aren’t immune to alien encounters! Famed rapper Lupe Fiasco spoke of his beliefs during a 2012 radio interview sharing that he was visited by aliens when he was just 11 years old. The story goes that while he was laying in bed, Fiasco felt his body become electrified and immobile. He attempted to roll from his bed or call out for help, but was unable to do so until the shock suddenly stopped and he saw a black disc fly to his window and stop before speeding off again. For anyone who says it was just a bad dream, Fiasco is quick to share “proof” of the encounter in the form of a scar on his ankle that didn’t come from surgery or an injury that he can remember.

Dan Aykroyd 

If there’s a celebrity who has never been shy about his belief in aliens, it’s Dan Akroyd! In a 2005 documentary, Dan Akroyd Unplugged on UFOs, the Ghostbusters star shared his long fascination with the belief that extraterrestrial life has paid us a visit from other planets. One of Akroyd’s early encounters came in the 1980s when claims he was awoken in the night to a voice encouraging him to go outside. His wife convinced him to stay in bed, but his strange story was corroborated by thousands of other people who claimed to have had the same experience that night. Flashing forward to 2002, Akroyd was in the middle of filming a UFO-focused show for the SyFy Channel when he noticed a man in black standing next to a black SUV. When he turned to look again, the car and man had disappeared. Hours later, the television series was shut down completely with no reason given. Akroyd believes the “Man in Black” was from the government and stopped the production to prevent them from getting too close to the truth.

Elvis Presley 

It may surprise you to learn that even the King of Rock and Roll claimed to have had multiple UFO sightings during his lifetime! According to a former friend and hairstylist for the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Vernon Presley allegedly saw a strange blue light in the skies above their little shack on the day his twins Elvis and Jessie were born and instantly knew that something special was happening. Another alleged story is that aliens visited Elvis at 8 years old to show him the path his life would take. Yet another story claims that the singer and his hairstylist were driving in the desert when they saw some UFOs in the sky that were moving too quickly to be airplanes which led the duo to believe they were something extraterrestrial.