These women turned to adoption to help complete their families!

Children come into our lives in many different ways, and Hollywood homes are no different! Here are just a few celebrity women who have found happiness through the adoption of children from all over the world.

Michelle Pfeiffer
After a divorce at 35, newly single Michelle Pfeiffer decided she “wasn’t going to not have children because I wasn’t married” so naturally she decided to adopt. As luck would have it, Michelle met David E. Kelley, the future love of her life, just two months after applying to adopt her future daughter Claudia Rose. Fortunately David was equally in love and on board with the plan, even going so far as to adopt little Claudia Rose as his own.

Sheryl Crow
Much like Michelle Pfeiffer, Sheryl Crow also went through the process of adopting as a single mother. The singer-songwriter adopted sons Wyatt and Levi in 2007 and 2010 respectively. She has no regrets and even shared some adoption advice in an interview saying, “There will never seem like a great time to do it—just like when you’re married, it never seems like the perfect time to have a baby…so you dive in and make your life work.”

Angelina Jolie
Perhaps one of the world’s most famous celebrity adopters is Angelina Jolie and her ex-husband Brad Pitt. Their clan of six includes three children they’ve adopted: Maddox from Cambodia, Zahara from Ethiopia, and Pax from Vietnam. Angelina spoke about the children in an interview saying, “They are all learning about each other’s cultures, as well as being proud of their own so it’s not like just the boys get to do the Asian thing. They all have their flags over their beds and their individual pride.”

Viola Davis
In 2011, Viola Davis became a first-time mom to daughter Genesis whom she adopted with her husband Julian Tennon. In an interview with People, Viola gushed about motherhood saying, “I feel like a star at home only because she loves me so much. I mean, it’s red carpet every day! It’s wonderful!” Viola has even found a future boyfriend for Genesis with her Extremely Loud costar Sandra Bullock‘s adopted son Louis. Viola spoke of the potential future suitor saying, “I’d absolutely love to set her up with Louis. That kid is so cute. He’s going to be a bruiser. But let’s try to get a playdate in first.”

In 2005, Madonna was filming a documentary in Malawi when she decided to adopt her son David. The global star was warned that the country had no known adoption laws at the time so they were “more or less going to have to make them up as we went along.” After bringing her baby boy home, his father got back in the picture to try and reclaim him, but fortunately David was able to stay with his new forever family. Madonna has since also adopted Mercy, a Malawi girl, and last year she added four year old Malawi twins Stella and Esther Mwale to her growing brood.

Katherine Heigl
In 2009, Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley adopted a 10-month old girl from South Korea. Sadly for Katherine, Naleigh quickly bonded with her dad which left Katherine feeling rejected by her new daughter. Katherine spoke about her hurt in an interview saying, “I fought very hard to be accepted as a mom by my daughter…her rejection almost broke my heart.” Fortunately the feeling didn’t last for long. Soon after, Katherine and Josh adopted a second daughter, Adelaide, from within America and last year, Katherine became a mom of three after welcoming the birth of a son just before Christmas.