Deeply Coffee Opens in Downtown Orlando

Downtown Orlando is about to welcome its new favorite coffee shop, Deeply Coffee, where a rich latte and a good conversation go hand in hand.

Founder Ryan Holden and his wife, Faith, along with Shop Manager and Head Barista Juan Diaz, have helped to create a special coffee experience, from the shop’s visionary aesthetic to the delectable menu items that will be revealed to guests at Deeply’s grand opening this summer.

As an Orlando native, Holden has spent years passionately searching for his unique role in positively shaping the culture of his hometown. After an inspiring trip to the Pacific Northwest, he and his wife began to consider opening their own coffee shop as a comfortable and creative space for the people of Orlando.

Holden lives and serves as a missionary in the Parramore neighborhood, not far from the location of his shop. This opportunity to form lasting connections with locals from all walks of life has allowed Holden to see the powerful potential of a place for purposeful conversation—and a warm cup of coffee.

“As I got more familiar with the downtown neighborhoods, I started to see the bigger picture of where our city’s going as far as growth and vision in the next three to five years, and I saw our coffee shop being a part of it,” Holden says.

Located within the heart of downtown, Deeply Coffee is on the verge of becoming one of the city’s most popular hotspots—not far from the beautiful views of Lake Eola—where people who share Holden’s passion for cultivating community can find a home away from home.

“What really excited me was to be a neighborhood coffeeshop for the residents for those that live in downtown—creating a space where community can happen and where the best coffee can be served to the residents of downtown.”

Holden also hopes that Deeply Coffee becomes a much-needed place of relaxation for the creative minds of downtown Orlando.

“We believe that this space will be a safe place for people. Downtown has a lot of amazing bars and clubs, but there’s not really a space like this. We plan on being open as early as 6:30 in the morning until 10 at night,” says Holden. “It’s important to have a more relaxed, chill kind of vibe in a space where we can connect and spend time with friends—where people can get work done in the evening, have good conversation, good hangs with friends.”

Currently, Deeply Coffee is a multi-roaster coffee shop, partnering with quality roasters in and out of state to provide guests with an interesting and original coffee experience.

“We’re bringing in what we believe is the best coffee to showcase in our space, and with that, we’re going to have the dynamic of having consistency as well as having something that’s new and fresh every quarter,” Holden shares.

With their anchor roaster, King State, located in Tampa, Deeply receives amazing coffee with various origins. Holden is also thrilled about Deeply’s quarterly guests roasters.

“Four times a year, we’ll bring in a new guest roaster. Our first guest is from Methodical Coffee, located in Greenville, South Carolina,” Holden explains. “Something unique to us is that we get to bring in some of the best coffee from around the country.”

And for the perfect finishing touch—homemade waffles! Among their variety of pastries sourced from a local baker, Deeply Coffee’s in-house recipe of liege-style waffles is the company’s signature accompaniment to their delicious roasts. Deeply’s Belgian pearl sugar liege waffle pairs exquisitely with a single origin black coffee, and the savory ham, cheddar cheese, and chives waffle makes for a scrumptious afternoon treat.

From choosing the finest coffee to patiently crafting the ideal Belgian waffle, quality is evident in every aspect of Deeply—which is exactly why Holden chose such a fitting name.

“Deeply, to us, speaks of wholeheartedness in everything that you do, so deeply is what I believe will set us apart,” Holden states. “In every little detail, we have chosen wholeheartedness. If we’re going to have something on our menu, we’re going to do it right—we’re not going to cut corners. The equipment that’s in our shop has been chosen piece by piece, and we’ve chosen the best of the best because we believe that’s just the posture in which we live our lives… that’s deeply. We believe that will set us apart. The culture is wholeheartedness.”

Holden anticipates that Orlando natives like himself will taste the difference in Deeply Coffee.

“We hope that our guests experience wholeheartedness in everything—in the atmosphere, in every drink, in every food item that we serve—that they know that we’re doing everything to the best of our ability… and that we’re enjoying it along the way.”

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