Stress Less. Choose Moore. Family Law Firm

Law and cutting-edge technology are not two things you picture when you think about family law. That’s what makes Conti Moore Law, PLLC stand out among the competition. Conti Moore Law is an Orlando firm offering an innovative approach to practicing law that puts the needs of their clients first. Moore, the founder of the firm, wasn’t content sticking with the status quo, so she invested time in learning new technology to advance the needs of her clients.

After beginning her career in Las Vegas, Moore knew she wanted to create a firm that met the needs of clients and exceeded their expectations by incorporating the use of technology.  So in 2012, when she founded Conti Moore Law, her background in computer science and business at Florida A&M University gave her the experience and courage to find a way to make her firm more efficient without sacrificing quality. 

This approach is evident in her firm’s slogan “Stress less. Choose Moore.” She wants to make sure her clients understand everything by using a variety of different platforms to keep them informed, while being more efficient with their time and money. Moore’s reliance on technology helped her firm navigate the Covid pandemic smoothly because they already had systems in place for remote work.

The firm’s “new school” approach allows its clients easy and secure access to the information they need. 

“Going virtual wasn’t a big deal,” Moore said. “We already had a head start.”

The firm works on a variety of family law cases and strives to give their clients stellar representation and hope for their specific situations. Many members of Moore’s team are from the Orlando area, so they bring an insider’s perspective and use their local relationships to benefit their clients. 

Another thing that makes Moore’s firm stand out from the rest is their diversity. They come from a variety of educational backgrounds, like political science, education, English, art, international affairs, mass communications, 

sociology, and business. Each member of the team uses their specialties to focus on each client’s unique needs, and they use a team approach to provide the best solutions for each case. Many firms handle a variety of practice areas, but Conti Moore Law is a boutique law firm that practices only family law. This focus keeps them at the forefront of their field.

It’s not all business at the firm, either. Moore’s team focuses on lending their time and talents to a variety of community organizations. Many have done pro bono work and are active in local Bar associations, church groups, and young lawyers groups. They are active because they care and love giving back.

The field of family law encompasses some of life’s most difficult situations. It can involve complex issues related to marriage, children, parenthood, financial issues, and interpersonal struggles. Moore and her team are always on the lookout for ways to make family law cases more affordable for their clients. They have made a commitment to adapt and utilize technology that will make a positive impact for their clients.

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P: 407-831-0203