Where Luxury Meets Affordability

When Daisy Award-winning nurse Diane Gillin left her career in facial plastic surgery to open a spa in Winter Park, she only had one goal in mind. Simply put, Diane wanted to share her passion for the medical aesthetics industry and open doors that were previously unattainable for the middle class by providing affordable treatments without sacrificing top-of-the-line quality service.

“My business partner Eric and I had this idea of having a low-cost membership model so that our services weren’t just an upper class treatment. We came up with this idea of Couture Med Spa and started with our slogan: Where Luxury Meets Affordability.” -Diane Gillin, ARNP

Four years later, Diane’s vision has experienced tremendous growth and now she owns and operates three successful locations in Winter Park, Oviedo and Ocoee. As a customer of Couture Med Spa, I speak with confidence when I say that their high-quality luxury services at an affordable cost have completely set them apart from their competition. They even offer a first-of-its-kind membership model that includes complete access to treatments at prices that no one else in the industry is doing. From lasers and fillers to injectables and more, Couture Med Spa makes the cost a fraction of what they normally are without sacrificing the highest regard for personal safety, great customer service and the latest technology on the market. Through my own experience receiving Laser Hair Removal treatments at their facilities, I’m in awe at the lengths their skilled and highly-trained providers go to in order to ensure guests are not getting a lesser service or lesser quality treatment.

Couture Med Spa offers two different membership options with the most popular one being the Black Diamond membership. After learning all the services this membership includes, it wasn’t hard for me to understand why 90% of Couture Med Spa clients have taken advantage of this unbeatable deal. The Black Diamond membership is irresistibly priced at $149 a month and only requires a year-long commitment with no sign-up fee. The membership includes a Couture facial, fat burning treatments, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, IPL treatments, leg vein removal, and a range other services every month!

“A place I used to work at prior to here would charge $1,100 just for one fractional treatment! A lot of people think that our Black Diamond membership only includes one of those services per month and that you have to pick which one. When they find out that the price includes all of those services per month, they are typically blown away by it.” –Diane Gillin, ARNP

Even the Platinum membership option is jaw-dropping at just $99 a month with a one time sign up fee of $149. Included in that membership are IPL treatments, fractional treatments and exclusive discounts on a wide variety of other services. I’ve encountered many spas that won’t give pricing without an in-person consultation, but Couture Med Spa prides themselves on being as open and transparent as possible with no gimmicks. Their prices are on their advertisements, on their website, and they’ll happily give them over the phone.

As with any deal that sounds too good to be true, seeing is believing so I suggest coming in for a complimentary consultation where you’ll receive a free skin analysis test and get a friendly tour of the gorgeous facilities. With a calm, relaxing environment and skilled service providers that work exclusively with the latest equipment—why go anywhere else? As with countless other guests that have walked through their doors, it only took one visit for me to decide there was no other spa I’d rather go to than Couture Med Spa and the statistics speak for themselves. Couture Med Spa provides more FDA-approved injections for fillers and Botox than 97% of the nation. How spoiled are we to have not one, not two, but three gorgeous locations right here in the heart of Central Florida?

“We just had our one year anniversary in Ocoee and Oviedo has been opened for about eight months so this has been great! Now we’re looking into other locations as well as starting to research the franchising process as our goal is to start franchising in the next year.” -Diane Gillin, ARNP

The future is big, bright and beautiful for Couture Med Spa and this is only the beginning! Be sure to visit www.CoutureMedSpa.com to learn more.