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Section Chief Hematology/Oncology Orlando Health Cancer Institute

The Orlando Health Cancer Institute represents specialized hematologists/oncologists with a mission of encouraging and inspiring hope by delivering world class results. Each physician in the practice is specialized in different conditions which allows us to offer the most up to date and individualized care to our patients.

Dr. Landau has been a part of the practice for more than ten years. He completed his medical school and residency at the University of South Florida before moving to Orlando. He completed his fellowship training with MD Anderson Orlando.

“In ten years that I have been a part of this practice, I have been amazed at the growth and innovation we’ve experienced. By offering specialized care, we have been able to focus on becoming experts in our fields. This has allowed us to be ahead of the curve in offering novel treatments to lead to the best outcomes.”

The Orlando Health Cancer Institute offers unique services including tumor infiltrating lymphocyte therapy, bone marrow transplant and cellular therapy, lymph node transfer, MRI guided radiation, Proton beam radiation, nationally acclaimed cancer surgeons leading the way in advanced technology and treatments, and a robust clinical trial portfolio. 

“The number of unique services we offer at the Orlando Health Cancer Institute has grown steadily throughout the years. It’s a point of pride we share that therapies that only a few years ago were considered science fiction, are now being done daily. The field of hematology/ oncology has had unprecedented growth and its exciting to be on the forefront of these new innovations.”

An additional point of pride is the fellowship program.

“Training the next generation of physicians is one my favorite tasks. Teaching is an important part of medicine. Having the fellowship ensures we stay up to date as we are training the future of medicine.”