Tell Me You Love Me

As you step into spring,
the most attractive accessory is confidence, and no one knows how to rock their confidence more than Demi Lovato. At the young age of 25, Lovato has overcome a world of insecurity, obstacles, and critics and is here to encourage you with her latest album, Tell Me You Love Me.

She might unashamedly declare that she’s not sorry in the hit single that championed the charts in 2017, but courageously flaunting her self-assurance like a second skin has not always been easy for the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer; her newfound boldness marks the victorious end of a long road paved with doubt and inhibition.

Tested by a lifetime of heartache and hardship, Lovato has battled back from her diagnosis of bipolar disorder, found refuge from addiction, and recovered from an eating disorder. She has learned to embrace the difficulties that have plagued her past and has grown stronger from the fight.

In 2015, Demi Lovato spearheaded a music inspired movement to free women from the traps of comparison and self-consciousness. Her song, “Confident,” shared Lovato’s belief that there’s nothing wrong with being confident in your own, unique body—a trait that has been tough for Lovato to epitomize. Perhaps the most challenging factor in Lovato’s life has been her struggle for self-acceptance. Discovering the beauty of her natural figure and viewing her curves with positivity takes chief importance in Tell Me You Love Me, Lovato’s musical manifesto.

The singer has stated that the album is about her journey of growing up and finding herself, with learning to value oneself as the most significant lesson to be learned. While many of the songs seem to be about past relationships, a closer listen will hint at a more metaphorical relationship, such as the dependency Lovato has had with vices—including using food as a medicine. “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore,” might be about a former lover, but it is more dimensional, exploring the freedom of bidding her addictions adieu.

The title track of the album expresses Lovato’s understanding of the necessity of becoming vulnerable—not just with others, but also with herself. Through powerful emotion, the songstress opens up to the fragility of a heart letting itself be loved, and realizes that this love needs to begin with herself. She sings, “Everything I need is standing in front of me, I know that we will be alright,” as a mantra for those longing for confirmation of their own worth.

This inspiring message is central to Lovato’s platform of teaching others to love themselves and take care of their mental, physical, and emotional health, and her passion for a mind, body, and spirit that are full of vitality is a hallmark of her current North American tour.

Hitting the road with DJ Khaled, the bombshell singer is making her way to Tampa on March 31. The show is sure to include fiery fan favorites and uplifting new tunes that will invite you to live your best life this spring and learn to love yourself all year long.