Board Certified Allergist at Mid-Florida
Dermatology & Allergy

We’re incredibly excited to introduce Dr. Neil Parikh, a leading allergist & immunologist, to the team at Mid Florida Dermatology & Allergy. Dr. Parikh brings a long history of expertise in internal medicine, allergy and immunology, even having contributed to award-winning research in the field. 

The value of having an accomplished allergist available to our team and our patients is immeasurable. Especially as the popularity of cosmetic skin care products continues to increase, we’ve seen a rise in undiagnosed allergies causing sensitive or irritated skin. Dr. Parikh helps combat these issues by testing for sensitivities to the individual ingredients found in each patient’s daily products and routine. In fact, Mid Florida Dermatology & Allergy offers testing for more allergens than any other group in Central Florida. 

Dr. Parikh is also highly accomplished in the field of pediatrics, and has seen immense success in helping parents identify and treat their children’s allergies. Even more specialized than care provided to children from a general pediatrician, Dr. Parikh can help pinpoint the often obscure sensitivities that result from dermatitis, asthma, food allergies, dust or mold, pet allergies and beyond. 

Identifying the allergens that affect you is the most important step in creating true health. From acute conditions to routine allergy shots, new diagnoses to known allergies, Dr. Parikh provides an intuitive understanding of the field. Combined with the aid of our dermatology team, he’s simply an invaluable resource in finding lasting relief for you and your family.