Neuromuscular Medicine Director

Photographer, Jeny Roc: Location: Leu Gardens

Dr. Niva is a Director of Neuromuscular Medicine in Orlando. The neuromuscular clinic has received national recognition from the Muscular Dystrophy Association, ALS Association, Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation, American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine, and the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America. She is the principal investigator of clinical trials for ALS, SMA, and CMT. She has studied at Harvard (For undergraduate and neurology residency), Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, and the University of Iowa for her neuromuscular and clinical neurophysiology fellowships. 

She is grateful for the reader’s choice recognition! She is pictured with her financial advisor, Jason Edwards (managing partner at Edwards Financial Services, (407) 678-9400)  

This article focuses on positive emotions such as joy. Discovering joy comes from finding one’s true self and fulfilling one’s true desires. Finding joy is very personal ranging from interests and activities such as exercising outdoors, reading a book, cooking, math, fishing, or swimming. Not everyone has the same interests. 

Dr. Niva encourages everyone to spend time with themselves to find out what brings out their inner joy and to pursue that path because that path can lead to personal and professional success. Recognizing and respecting that personal unique path to joy is paramount to lifelong joy and success.  

In the neuromuscular clinic, patients arrive with challenging cases and disabling diseases such as ALS that can lead to progressive weakness and death. Clinical research, however, can help these patients. Being involved in clinical trials and research activities for these patients brings Dr. Niva great joy. Despite the long days, hard work, and challenging patients, being able to move the field of neuromuscular medicine forward makes it all worthwhile.

Location: 265 E. Rollins St., Orlando FL 32804 Phone: 407-303 6729

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