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At Stoneybrook Dental we specialize in CARE with state-of-the-art dentistry utilizing CEREC® one-visit, same-day ceramic crowns, bridges and veneers; Invisalign® and Sure Smile®, clear braces; Myobrace® therapy; soft-tissue laser; digital and cone beam radiography and dental implants. We CARE by providing a relaxed, positive atmosphere with inspiring sounds, aromatherapy, massage dental chairs, monitors in the ceiling and nitrous oxide upon request. Dr. Wardlaw believes in painless dentistry focused on prevention. We are a comprehensive dental practice treating all ranges of General and Cosmetic Dentistry. As a member of the Holistic Dental Association, we treat the mind, body and soul with homeopathic approaches to treatment.

Greatest Achievement:
Blessed to be a blessing Dr. Wardlaw is a missionary of 15 years though her not-for-profit Inspired Purpose.Org.  She received the 2017 Distinguish Alumni Award from Howard University College of Dentistry and proud to be an Executive Director on the John Maxwell Team as a speaker, trainer and coach. She also co-authored a #1 international best-selling book, Women Who Impact. Dr. Wardlaw continues to place God first, to serve others, and be a forever student.

Charitable Work:
Dr. Wardlaw is a missionary who serves in the ministry of dentistry both in Central Florida and abroad. She serves in Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Dominican Republic, Albania, Ghana, Jamaica, Mexico and Haiti through InspiredPurpose.Org. She is a dental correspondent heard both nationally and internationally 6 days/week as @DrWendiDDS, “A Healthy Mouth is a Healthy You®”. She is walking out the call to serve others. Though 2020 has been a challenging year for us all, God allowed us to serve, The Container Foundation of Haiti, Church building in Mexico, Big Sis of Fl, and Kidds Are First of Fl to name a few. It is indeed blessed to be a blessing and Pandanic or not there are always seeds we can sow in Love.

From Dr. Wendi’s Desk:

How is Covid-19 associated with my mouth?
Your mouth is the largest access to the inside of your body. In this season where many breathe through their mouths it is essential to understand how important nasal breathing is to decrease the effects of Covid-19. Nasal breathing warms and lubricates the air you breathe, protecting your respiratory system. It increases oxygen levels in your blood which increases systemic healing. But most importantly, it cleans the air you are breathing by stimulating NO (Nitric Oxide) which is produced mainly in our sinuses. This is a potent antimicrobial against VIRUSES, bacteria, and fungi. Nitric Oxide is not produced during mouth breathing. Nasal breathing while wearing a mask and respirators is also known to reduce headaches, and dizziness.

Oral breathing is drying both for the respiratory system and the body. It increases dehydration, and inflammation making the tonsils and adenoids the primary filters.

Nitric Oxide is important for our health and wellness and can also be found in green vegetables. By the way, humming in known to increase the bodies NO. If you add humming to your nasal breathing, you will trigger your parasympathetic nervous system which in turn causes RELAXATION. 🙂

Assure you work hard to breathe through your nose during this Covid-19 and Pneumonia season.

Any suggestions for staying safe and healthy during this season?
Alkaline your system with fruits and veggies, understand that 80% of your immune system is in your digestive system. Therefore, our immune system is primarily based on what we eat and drink. Eat and drink healthy by staying away from artificial, acidic foods and drinks. Stay hydrated with WATER, it is 80% of your body. This virus is attracted to dry, sticky people so stay moist, and lubricated. Be encouraged, wise and blessed staying healthy and safe.