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The Art of Real Estate

2020 – Year of Reflection and Reset

Last year forced many of us to reflect on what is really important in life.  It became an invaluable reset to the “rat race” in which we often find ourselves.  We realized we’ve habitually taken family and friends for granted, especially during a time when we couldn’t be with the ones we love, just when we needed them most.  The material things we once thought were so important, weren’t that important anymore. The security, safety, and comfort of our homes became paramount. 

As a nation, we’ve spent more time at home and reset the value we place on it. Our homes are much more than a place to hang your hat and it’s definitely where the heart is. Our homes are now our foundation, where our families and extended families can come together and be safe. 

This greater appreciation of homes is the driving force to the Great American House Rush of 2021. The Florida housing inventory is the lowest it’s been in decades, with more buyers than homes for sale. Additionally, Florida has opened its doors to an influx of new telecommuters from other states, where they can sell their homes for values that are far superior to those in Florida.  This gives our out-of-state buyers the ability to make cash offers which is great for sellers while making it extremely difficult for local buyers to secure their dream homes.

In this compressed and challenging market, Edward Johnston Group, “The Art of Real Estate”, is the advocate you need. We are a small, intimate team of highly skilled agents who are recognized as leaders in the area. We listen to our client’s needs and apply our local expertise to offer the perfect solutions. 

We always strive to be the BEST and EXCEED our Client’s expectations.  

For our commercial clients, who span from worldwide corporations to franchises and start-ups, EJ Group Industries was formed in 2018. Assisting our clients in commercial and residential construction with renovations and build-out needs to construction from the ground up. This sister company now gives us the ability to be full service to our commercial and residential clients, no matter what their needs include.  

Edward Johnston Group, “The Art of Real Estate” negotiates with lessors to secure funding for required tenant improvements.  Time and time again are called upon to conceptualize, project manage and ensure quality fulfillment construction. Thanks to 2020 one of our most unique build-outs was a medical lab focused on Covid testing. 

Edward Johnston Group, “The Art of Real Estate”, 2020 reflections are how blessed we are to have been able to serve our wonderful Central Florida clients for the last 20 years. It’s extremely gratifying when our very first clients are now bringing their grown children to us to help them find their first home or to secure the perfect commercial location for their first business. Moreover, giving back to the community in which we live and work is always a primary focus. Each year Edward Johnston Group, “The Art of Real Estate” not only donates thousands of dollars locally but also volunteers at multiple charities. 

Looking forward and to make greater strides in 2021, for every transaction completed, Edward Johnston Group will donate in our client’s name to a local charity of their choice!