Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if you’re fortunate enough to have a pet bestie by your side, then you already have the best valentine around. Between all of life’s surprises, milestones, and challenges, don’t forget about the canine companion that has been your most loyal supporter and number one fan. Here are some ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the one who has always shown you unconditional love.

Pamper your pup valentine:

Treat your special canine companion to a little spa time. Try a do-it-yourself facility, which can be found within local pet stores and speciality salons. This way you and your pup can enjoy some quality bonding time. If you and your valentine are more of the homebody variety, then try booking a mobile grooming van, which will come right to your home.

Take a trip together:

Surprise your canine valentine with a trip to a beautiful trail or dog park. It can be a standby favorite of his, or the two of you could try out a new destination together. In any case, be sure to pack plenty of water and doggie treats. Maybe you can even make a pit stop at a local dog bakery beforehand and pick up a few speciality items, just for the occasion.

Paw print party:

You can preserve a special part of your pet by creating a paw print, in clay. You can find hand-printing kits at a local craft store. While you’re at it, why not make an event of it and invite fellow pet owners and their furry companions over to join in the fun? Go ahead and share the love. Pet play dates are always fun in general for everyone involved, however, this event will have the added benefit of attendees walking away with a little keepsake. Plus, who knows, maybe there will be a love connection between pets? Or between pet owners? Cupid is still on duty after all.