Law Offices of Faith Keating 

Faith Keating has 36 years experience representing the injured and disabled in the Central Florida community. In 2019, she founded the Law Offices of Faith Keating representing those injured in personal injury claims, work-related injuries and Social Security disability. Previously, Attorney Keating provided legal services under Faith O. Horning-Keating, PA which she founded in 1989.  

Faith Keating received her BA and JD from the University of Florida. In law school, Faith Keating worked as a graduate research assistant to a Labor law professor editing National Labor Relations Board publications and other research materials.  

Subsequently, Ms. Keating became House Counsel to The Travelers Insurance Company  which provided invaluable training in Insurance law. After successfully prevailing in litigation on behalf of Travelers on a number of difficult claims, Travelers assigned Ms. Keating to their National accounts.   Faith Keating sustained injuries investigating a workers compensation claim, and became determined to overcome her injuries and then provide counsel to others in similar situations. 

Faith Keating served as both Section Chair and Secretary to the Workers Compensation Section of the Florida Bar. She was also published twice in the News & 440 Report, for the Workers Compensation Section of the Florida bar.

In recent years, Ms. Keating has utilized her litigation expertise to pursue and resolve complex personal injury litigation with multiple defendants in both circuit civil, district courts of appeal as well as practicing before the Judges of Compensation Claims and the Administrative Law judges. Ms. Keating has pursued all types of personal injury claims including wrongful death claims, products liability, motor vehicle, truck collisions, slip and fall, etc.  

Ms. Keating’s legal work successfully secured and continues to secure millions in recoveries and awards by providing close attention to detail and having a passion for improving the lives of those injured who must endure chronic pain and suffering.

In her personal life, Ms. Keating is married and resides in Chuluota, Florida where she enjoys time with her twin daughters, her grandson, dogs, cats, horses, as well as, travel, reading and outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, and hiking.     

At the Law Offices of Faith Keating each client is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Ms. Keating believes to be impactful as a counselor one must educate their clients in the law and their options to allow the client to make well informed decisions. She takes pride in providing exceptional legal services and counsel to individuals from all walks of life and all races and nationalities without exception. New clients are welcome in her Orlando office.


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