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We’re proud to celebrate Geoff Hoatson, Founder and CEO of the Family First Firm as a 2023 recipient of Orlando Style’s #1 Reader’s Choice award. 

Geoff’s story is filled with personal exposure to difficulty and hardship and, unfortunately, is one shared by thousands of others across the nation. In their old age, his grandparents were financially devastated by elder exploitation, nursing homes, memory care facilities, and even the legal system itself. The challenges Geoff’s family faced in handling the financial and legal hurdles were harrowing and begged the question of how anyone could navigate the system alone. 

His difficult journey was a learning experience and led him toward the fields of estate planning and elder law. In 2009, he established the Family First Firm, dedicating his life to helping the many families dealing with the system on their own. 

Since its inception, the Family First Firm has grown exponentially, becoming one of the largest elder law firms in Florida with over 45 passionate team members. They work to protect the assets of thousands of affected families across Central Florida. When asked about the impact of his efforts, Geoff responds, “I am grateful for the opportunity to make a generational difference for these families by preserving their legacies for their loved ones. My work building the largest elder law firm in Central Florida has allowed me to serve a community I deeply care about.”

The Family First Firm is a law firm driven by results, and they know that meaningful outcomes are built from real dedication. They are experts in elder law and establish a myriad of different asset protection strategies to protect their client’s financial assets from predators, medical expenses, and legal liabilities. Planning for long-term care is complex, and an effective strategy ensures that what the family worked so hard to achieve isn’t squandered away.

Three unique values act as the firm’s differentiators: relentless in their efforts, remarkable in their outcomes, and relatable to each client. Each and every one of their clients has a story of burdens, struggle, and grief written on their faces. But despite it all, they see a way to help ease the stress, safeguard the finances of these families, and show them that they don’t have to fight these battles alone. 

“It’s an honor to be recognized for the impact that the Family First Firm has made in our clients’ lives – something I am truly passionate about.” Geoff states. “This award inspires me to continue my work with dedication and passion as we expand across the state of Florida.”

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