This new year brings a new ride at Universal

Just when you thought the Wizarding World of Harry Potter couldn’t get any more additions to the already huge attraction, we’re here to tell you that it does!  Back in 2010 when the scenic, dark ride first opened up, it was a dream come true for all harry potter fans. And since then, Universal has added Diagon Alley, the Gringotts Bank, which houses Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, Hogwarts Express, which greets guests when entering Hogsmeade, and now a new roller coaster will be added! The Harry Potter official fansite Pottermore has exclusively revealed a sneak peak of the new rollercoaster. 

Although very little information has been released about the new roller coaster ride, the artwork released does appear to confirm that the attraction will take place in the Forbidden Forest. There hasn’t been any confirmation as to what the name of the new coaster will be, or a specific opening date, just that it will be opening early 2019.

Universal Studios has also announced that there will not a be a Celebration of Harry Potter in 2019, but that there will be even more Harry Potter news from the parks that they have yet to reveal.

Can 2019 come any faster?!