Summer is prime for spoiling yourself and odds are you’re already in the midst of planning a getaway. One thing may be holding you back though… do you bring your furry friend along? The answer is in your pup’s wagging tail and tongue thirsty for adventure. Here are a few ways to make sure your puppy’s summer isn’t a bummer.

Give them a bigger playground:

Treating yourself to some retail therapy? Park Avenue in Winter Park is the perfect place for you to bring your pup along. While you shop, your curious company will be wide eyed at their new playground. Surrounded by other furry friends and plenty of open grassy spaces, your puppy is sure to socialize and explore. 

Spoil your pup with a Sunday brunch:

On Sunday’s, Lake Eola Park hosts The Orlando Farmer’s Market. It’s pet-friendly, so make sure to bring a few toys for your puppy to play with in the park. After your pup is all tuckered out take them on a leisure walk with rewarding snack stops along the way.

Give the gift of a vacay:

As much as you hate being apart from your best friend, some alone time is always needed. Having trouble finding puppy sitting arrangements? Don’t stress because local pet resorts are perfect places to pamper your pup while keeping them safe. Your little one will be looking good and feeling good when they give you a reuniting grateful, slobbery kiss.