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I learned at a young age that to be successful you must accept all the challenges that come your way, and not just the easy ones. I try to share the same values with my children and sacrifice for them just as my parents did for me.

I have a work ethic that is something I take pride in and credit my parents for who both worked hard to give me and my siblings as much as they could. Their sacrifices allowed me to attend great schools and appreciate opportunity. They taught me the importance of benefiting others and giving back. 

Throughout my teen years, I spent a great deal of my time playing sports and reading just about everything. I loved to learn and that continued through law school in Pennsylvania. I have now been practicing law for over 25 years with a focus on aviation law. I have gone many directions with my career in law and I am most proud of my ability to fight for victims that can not fight for themselves.

About 10 years ago I started the Pineyro Education Foundation – a nonprofit organization to help underprivileged youth get access to higher education through scholarships we built and awarded. 

I learned to fly over a decade ago and since then have owned pistons, turboprops and turbines. It is not only a passion of mine but something I enjoy sharing with others. I have served for many years at the Airport Authority consulting a Board of Commissioners on all matters related to the airport operations. In addition, I have served on multiple boards as a volunteer including Challenge Air, Mercy Flight, Angel Flight and Veterans Air Command. 

After building a private real estate portfolio, my love and passion for real estate led me to become a Realtor in Florida. I joined EXP Realty Brokerage, an innovative and growing publicly-traded company, and became one of their Certified Mentors in a short time.

A few years ago, I launched a real estate company called Surgent Capital – a commercial real estate investment company with offices in Florida and New York. At the same time, I attended the MIT School of Architecture and Planning to learn more about Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investment. This helped me on the residential analysis side and I learned the value of residential investing. I am now working on becoming a licensed Florida General Contractor to learn the real estate development side and allow me to start my own community of residential real estate. I think everyone should look at a home as a place to live but also as a potential investment for long-term generational wealth which can sometimes be accomplished through value-add opportunities and ground-up development.

I have accomplished a lot in my time here on earth and continue to learn and grow as a person and as a professional. I am active in my local church and community and have proudly served on several not-for-profit Boards.

I hope to inspire my children to believe anything is possible through hard work and measured risk, but most of all to commit and stick with it!