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Don’t like going to the dentist? You are not alone. Many people simply don’t go because it is such a hassle. But Dr. Jorge Reyes has addressed many of the reasons why people don’t go and made a visit to Eastwood Dental not only quick and easy, but also pleasurable.

Dr. Jorge Reyes, owner of Eastwood Dental, completed his bachelor’s degree in 1996 at the University of Puerto Rico. At that time he started working as a dental assistant in a pediatric dental clinic. There he had plenty of contact with what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. 

A year later he was accepted into the University of Puerto Rico School of Dentistry, where he earned his doctorate degree in 2001. Soon after that, he moved to Roanoke Rapids, N.C. where he worked for almost two years with the Rural Health Group, a nonprofit organization that emphasizes in providing medical and dental services for the underserved. At the end of 2003 he moved to Orlando to be closer to his family and has been here ever since.

Since obtaining his degree, Dr. Reyes has been actively pursuing continuing education to take advantage of new technology that helps to provide better education and comfort to patients and minimize the amount of time required to complete treatments.

Dr. Reyes believes that informed patients are better prepared to make decisions regarding their health and well-being. 

Smiling Patients

At Eastwood Dental all you see are smiles. The helpful staff always smiles. Dr. Reyes smiles, and the patients-from young children to adults and seniors- all smile

from ear to ear.

“When you have healthy, attractive smile you always smile more.” Dr. Reyes says. But at Eastwood Dental patients don’t just want to show off Dr. Reyes dental artistry, their smiles are often a natural reaction to getting convenient, cutting-edge treatment in a comfortable friendly atmosphere.

From the initial computer check-in to filing the final insurance claim, Dr. Reyes’ practice is focused on optimizing a patient’s time. The office is completely paper-less, making for lightning-quick office visits.

Faster, however, does not mean impersonal. Dr. Reyes says one of the things he likes best about being a dentist is all the people he meets, and the chance to make a difference in their lives. Sometimes patients who have come in with broken or badly damaged teeth have lived life without smiling for years. “After they leave here they are happy again. It’s an amazing experience to be a part of something like that,” Dr. Reyes says.

Dr. Reyes especially enjoys getting to know each patient personally and is committed to not sacrificing one-on-one care for faster efficiency. Each patient is given ample time to ask questions and learn. “We listen to our patients. We make it a point to take the time needed to educate our patients and help them understand their options,” Dr. Reyes says.

High-Tech Options

What makes Dr. Reyes and his team a standout is its use of Cerec, a German-engineered chair-side digital impression and milling system. With Cerec Prime the latest software version of the system, Dr. Reyes is able to provide “One-visit dentistry.” Instead of getting a tooth prepared for a crown, having an impression taken and a temporary made while the lab works on the restoration for a few weeks, patients can have their tooth scanned and a permanent crown made and placed in the same visit.

Computer-assisted dental design is more accurate than hand-poured molds, and cuts dental appointment time down by 50 percent. Instead of two or three, one to two hour visits a patient most likely will only need approximately one two-hour appointment to complete their dental restoration. And because there are multiple Cerec units, multiple restorations can be made at the same time.

Cerec computer-assisted dental design has been available for several years. According to Dr. Reyes, the software however, has recently developed into a system that’s easier to use for dentists with even better results for the patient, making it a natural choice for his practice.

Combining technologies like 3-D tooth imaging (CBCT) and 3-D printers with Cerec allows Dr. Reyes to perform less invasive and more predictable procedures, minimizing discomfort and extending the life of the restorations.

Dr. Reyes is extremely grateful for his wonderful staff, family, children (Mason, Mya and Nikolai), friends and the Orlando community for supporting his dream of a dental career. And allowing 2023 to be the year he celebrates more than 22 years in the dental field, 19 years since Eastwood Dental opened it’s doors (special thanks to Charles Arias, DMD), 17 years since our big step into technology with Cerec. And 27 years since a pediatric dentist called Sheila Hernandez, DMD, took a chance and decided to train a young inexperienced student curious with dentistry to be a dental assistant without asking anything in return and opened the door for all those milestones to happen.


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