By Maha Chaudhry  

It all started more than a decade ago, when a record executive accidentally found a video of a young boy singing “So Sick” by artist Ne-Yo on YouTube.

His discovery of the video would change the young boy’s life forever, along with the music industry as a whole. Who is this young boy I speak of? The one and only Justin Bieber. 

Upon discovery, Record Executive Scooter Braun talked Bieber’s mother into allowing young Bieber to come to Atlanta where he would be introduced to his mentor, Usher and start recording his demo tapes. By 2009 the “Bieber Fever” had officially begun. Bieber’s first major hit “One Time” not only topped the charts, but was indicative of the rise of fame yet to come. And boy, did it come. Before long, Bieber turned millions into “believers” and he wasn’t about to stop there.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Beiber’s Madison Square Garden show sold out in just 30 seconds. Yup, that’s less than a minute. That’s also less time than you would probably spend parked at a traffic light.

In 2010, the rising star became the youngest artist to receive an American Music Award. This would be one of many to come. 

Since receiving his first AMA, Bieber has had many hits take the Billboard charts such as “Sorry, “Love Yourself,” and Ed Sheeran collaboration “I Don’t Care,” just to name a few. His songs continued to land him awards beyond just the AMA’s. We’re talking the Grammys and all.

In a Live Nation video, it is mentioned that the overnight sensation has performed over 600 concerts, totaling more than 7,500 songs since his debut. 

To think Bieber exposed us to his talent over thirteen years ago is quite wild! And he is about to do it again with the Justice World Tour coming to the Amway Center in Orlando on April 11th.

Bieber’s new album Justice features recent hits like “Anyone” and “Ghost,” but word has it that you may just hear him play some of his oldies but goldies too. I think we’re okay with that. 

The nation has watched the artist go from a child with a dream to a tween throb, and now, adult singing sensation and husband to model Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber. Though the journey may not have always been easy for the star growing up in the spotlight, he has always made it a point to give back. 

Some of his philanthropic efforts include supporting charities and foundations such as Save the Children and Pencils of Promise, among others. The Justice tour will also serve meaningful efforts, as a percentage o___f the ticket sales will go towards supporting his initiative “Justice in Action.” Bieber’s mission for the tour is to aid in raising awareness around criminal justice reform, climate action and voter registration. Well done, Bieber! 

Though the concerts can be notorious for selling out, it might not be too late to catch the Bieber Fever this month.