Kimberley Reed Gernert has taken the Winter Park and Baldwin Park real estate markets by storm!

After joining Keller Williams Winter Park Real Estate in 2014 her sales trajectory has been straight up. In three short years she has become one of the top producing real estate professionals in Central Florida and in the top 5 percent of all Keller Williams Agents!  She received Keller Williams  coveted Rookie of the Year in 2015 and then Top Individual Agent of the Year 2016. To continue her success, she is on track to have a record setting 2017.

When asked about her success , Kimberley, with great confidence in her southern accent, says she attributes her success entirely to the Lord. Saying “The L

ord has given me the opportunity to help others… I love having the opportunity to be a blessing to people”.  She went on to say she loves what she is doing with her life and she really feels great about helping families find and close on their perfect home.

After interviewing several of her clients,  consistent professional themes become easily apparent. First and foremost, Kimberley works very, very hard for her clients! Without hesitation, she is willing to give 100% to each of them. Number two, she is passionate about her career as a real estate professional and her mission to help people. Number three, she finds a way to get the job done, whether that means going door to door to find a willing seller, tracking down owners half a world away, or personally calling in favors from contractors, bankers, and mortgage brokers to get the property sold on time and on budget.

When asked about her practical ability to “close the deal “ she just gave me a big smile and said she gets that skill from her Daddy. She went on to say that she grew up on a multi-generation farm in rural East Tennessee. “I learned so many great ideals from my wonderful family like how to make connections, come together, find a way, and get it accomplished. I also learned a great deal of self reliance and self confidence that comes from doing it yourself and realizing that I do indeed have what it takes. By growing up in a large family, I also learned how to get along with others, and compromise with them as needed. Most importantly, I learned how honestly, integrity, and hard work are the very cornerstones of a person’s character and without any of those traits a person is not living up to the person he or she is created to be.”

Kimberley ended our interview by saying that it was a privilege to have served her clients and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to serve even more families in the years to come.

It was abundantly clear, that Kimberley Reed Gernert is a dynamic and highly valued real estate professional that has a very sunny future ahead of herself here in Central Florida.

147 W Lyman Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789 | P: 423-381-5701 | F: 321-203-2727 |