Powerful Couples

Dr. Francelis Ivette Gonzalez (also known as Dr. G) and her husband Victor M. Pantoja Jr. are one of the most influential Latino couples in Orlando. But these two are more than just a pair of wealthy socialites in the Central Florida area. Their empire was built with hard work and their network of pediatric and family medicine clinics (Kidsville Pediatrics and Family Tree Medical Group where Victor is the CEO) are some of the most recognized in the area.

Dr. G, from Puerto Rico, and Victor M. Pantoja from New York, have called Orlando their home for the past 25 years and decided to join forces professionally in 1999 when they started their own medical practice. The success of this first joint venture led them to expand and open several other clinics throughout Central Florida.

However, aside from the medical field, what many people know them for is for their passion to give back, travel and attend the hottest events in the city. There are few people they don’t know and few parties they’re not invited to or have a table at.

Lovers of art and culture, they are always participating in supporting the arts and in fact were the first Hispanic founding donors of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

Being in the health industry, supporting initiatives like Kids Beating Cancer has also been an important piece of their lives here. Actually, Dr. G is a Board Member of Kids Beating Cancer and the President of the Rose Society of Kids Beating Cancer.

Breaking barriers for Latinos in the community is something they’ve both been recognized for. Helping the community and being an example for others comes from the education they got from their parents who taught them that successful people do not do what they want, they do what is needed to be done, and that giving back once you reach success is your duty.

Worldwide travelers, they’ve been to over 70 countries and make sure to stay adventurous by including at least one quick trip every month in their busy schedules. And this curiosity and love for exploring and growing together is part of what helped them succeed as a couple. They say that commitment to one another, trust, communication, and constant support for each other’s projects while knowing how to separate business and marriage has been the key to their success in what its ‘about to be a 30-year marriage next year.


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