Neuromuscular Director

Dr. Nivedita (Niva) Jerath is a Director of Neuromuscular Medicine in Orlando. She has trained at Harvard University, Mayo Medical School, and the University of Iowa. With her leadership, the neuromuscular division has achieved multiple national recognitions and hosts multiple clinical trials. Her goal is to move the field of neuromuscular medicine forward.

The message in this issue is one of hope. Hope can be easily lost with unexpected hardships. But with darkness there is light, with pain there is pleasure, with death there is birth, with failure there is growth, and with heartache there is love. As life is full of ups and downs, the ups present more often with hope and preparation.

When Dr. Jerath was faced with unexpected obstacles, a force of good luck helped her meet a top tier professional such as Mr. Jason Edwards, who is the managing partner for Edwards Financial Services, a leading financial planning firm in Central Florida for the past two decades. Mr. Edwards gave her hope and helped her focus on her personal and financial goals. Working with Mr. Edwards has been a worthwhile investment. Skilled, passionate, and experienced financial advisors such as Mr. Edwards can allow for dreams to come true, so this top tier recognition is dedicated to him as he is like the “Warren Buffet of Central Florida”. Upon meeting Mr. Edwards, it has been immediately obvious that there are shared values of hard work, excellent communication skills, kindness, honesty, philanthropy, intelligence, good health, style, and trust. Top tier results come from top tier relationships.

When unexpected tragedies occur outside of one’s control, planting the seeds of future success is crucial to help design an ideal life, similar to how we craft a beautiful garden. This would include seeds for strong relationships, financial security, and anything that contributes to long lasting happiness. As we wait for the seeds to grow, hope helps us continue to focus on our goals and dreams. So don’t lose hope—amazing things are soon to happen!  

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