Neuromuscular Director

Dr. Nivedita (Niva) Uberoi Jerath is a Director of Neuromuscular Medicine in Orlando. She has trained at Harvard University, Mayo Medical School, and the University of Iowa. With her leadership, the neuromuscular division has achieved multiple national recognitions and hosts multiple clinical trials. Her goal is to move the field of neuromuscular medicine forward.

This issue focuses on being powerful, which starts with power over oneself. Dr. Jerath in her youth was surrounded by two key powerful role models who reflected this concept.

Her mother, Dr. Veena Uberoi Jerath embodied power by her consistent positive energy, hard work ethic, calmness, honesty, and big thinking. She could work all day as a neurologist, cook, teach her children tennis and academics every day, and at night study tennis. To give her children the best opportunity, she would drive many hours frequently overnight to Rick Macci Tennis Academy in Southern Florida.

Rick Macci is a world-famous tennis coach. He has taught many phenomenal top tennis players such as Venus and Serena Williams, and is the youngest to be inducted in the USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association) hall of fame. He has embodied power by his consistent hard work ethic, tremendous positive energy, focus, genius abilities in teaching tennis, physical and mental discipline, and dedication to teaching tennis. He is a pioneer, leader, and an innovator in teaching modern tennis technical skills. He wakes up every day at 3am, setting a standard of excellence that motivates everyone including the highest performing students. Dr. Jerath dedicates this recognition to Rick Macci as he empowered her for the rest of her life when he helped her make successful choices leading her from a career in tennis to her current role as a Neuromuscular Medicine Director in Orlando. Rick Macci continues to motivate her to do her best every day.

Power starts from having power over oneself to perform at the highest level of excellence, a level that others can aspire to achieve. Having power over oneself then enables the ability to empower others.

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