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Regenerative Sport Spine and Spa

Regenerative Sport, Spine and Spa’s mission is to give you a better way of healing, returning you to work, play and life with confidence and joy. Getting you off addictive medications. Eliminate reoccurring doctor visits. You will discover the joy of life and feel younger again.

Nearly 4 trillion dollars is spent on healthcare every year; however, only 10% goes to conservative care. In other words, most of the population is having unnecessary surgeries or are being handed a prescription for medication that does not solve the direct cause of their problems. Dr. Cherukupally and the team at Regen believes in using the power of the body’s natural healing ability through regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, physical therapy, and exercise.

With 20 years of expertise in her field, Dr. Pallavi Cherukupally has done nearly 20,000 nonsurgical procedures to help people recover from back and neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and hip pain. Previously a practitioner in the Atlanta area, she was voted a Top Doctor 4 times from 2013-2017 and most recently in Orlando for 2018 and 2020.

“I had stem cell injections from my own bone marrow in my lower back and my knee with Dr. Cherukupally and I am so thankful and satisfied with the results. I had lower back pain and sciatica for 10 years and now I am pain free and feel better and better every day. I recommend stem cell treatment with Dr. Cherukupally to everyone. I promise you will not regret it.” – W.R.

As a medical doctor who received her medical training at LSU, University of Chicago for residency, and fellowship training for spine and sports medicine, she finds her passion in getting people back to enjoying their lives, whether that is a sport they love, a job they can no longer perform, or just their overall health and daily life.

Dr. Cherukupally and her team have 3 standards for their practice:

First, they want to create a space where people can be examined as a whole person rather than their injuries alone. Through their experience working in other offices and with their own injuries, they have seen a common thread in many other physicians’ offices: a tendency to think of clients solely as an injured body part without taking the time to step back and examine the whole body.

Secondly, they want to offer an all-encompassing practice that would satisfy all your physical needs. A one stop shop of conservative care, where you have access to all the top regenerative medicine and stem cell procedures under one roof. This greatly improves the communication between their team of specialists and ultimately their client’s outcomes.

Lastly, Regen seeks to empower others in the healthcare business by giving them the opportunity to treat clients the way they were trained to. In the vast majority of medical practices, health providers typically see a large volume of clientele on any given day, limiting their ability to examine, diagnose, and offer treatment to the best of their abilities. Dr. Cherukupally understands how much time, effort, and preparation goes into becoming a medical provider and that is why she will never ask her team to sacrifice quality of care. Their clients get the time they need to tell their story and ask questions.

For nearly 3 years, they have been able to meet these objectives by offering people access to exceptional customer service and treatments that do not involve surgery. They are grateful to have clients who have trusted them with their injuries and look forward to continuing that trend in the Orlando area.

“We are developing a powerfully engaged team whose drive is to make a difference in healthcare through educating and treating our clients with exceptional care and science based expertise.”

Pallavi Cherukupally, MD
“Kicking pain. Making gains. Taking Names.”