Criminal Defense Attorney
A Q & A With Scott L. Richardson

STYLE: You were voted by 200,000 plus Orlando Style readers and recognized nationally by attorneys to be featured here.  What are you feelings on that?

A: Well, obviously, honored and grateful.  I would like to think I have a nice following in Central Florida; developed over the decades.  I have deep roots in the area.  I believe I have a long list of satisfied former clients as well – that helps a lot.  Accessibility is key.

STYLE: What kind of cases do you prefer to take on?

A: I do almost exclusively criminal defense.  I’ve represented citizens of

Central Florida from cases ranging from traffic violations to murder charges.  Most of my cases, however, fall somewhere in between.  I represent numerous people charged with traffic offenses, including DUI, domestic violence, drug charges, as well as economic crimes.  I will consult with anyone facing any criminal charge in any jurisdiction. 

STYLE: What part of your practice do you enjoy most?

A: Circumstances where my client is innocent or grossly overcharged.  It happens more than people think.  You don’t have to look far for examples. 

STYLE: Give us some examples, if you would.

A: Well, in Central Florida alone, there are recent cases where people were charged with possession of narcotics.  It turns out, in those cases, that the ‘substance’ was donut glaze in one case, and in another case, it was drywall powder – nothing short of a nightmare for these folks.  Outrageous miscalculations by law enforcement.  I represented a gentleman charged with attacking someone in a nightclub. I sent my investigator the next day to obtain video from the establishment.  It turned out that he had been falsely accused.

STYLE: Are there any trends in the criminal justice system you would like to point out?

A:  Sure.  Everything seems to be on video now.  We have dash-cams, bodycams, and security cameras seemingly everywhere.  With actual footage of events at our disposal, the prosecutors and I can resolve factual issues easier than we could twenty years ago.  Also, advancements in DNA and other scientific methods have illuminated important information for us.  There have been numerous exonerations, based on DNA evidence.  It turns out people have spent decades in prison when they were in fact innocent of the charges.

STYLE: We note you contribute to some charities in Central Florida.  What are your favorites?

A: I help sponsor the Me Strong 5k, in DeLand, Florida, every January.  I have also donated to high school booster clubs, and the Coastal Conservation Association.  As a family, we attend any 5k races we can – benefiting charities.

STYLE: So, if you enjoy running 5k’s, what music tops your list on your I-Pod right now?

A: Sublime, Foo Fighters, Incubus, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

STYLE: Tell our readers what you prefer to do on your time off.

A: Outdoor activities.  I’ve developed a serious fishing habit and I’ve always been an avid surfer and golfer – anything outdoors.  My family loves to travel. Our destinations are typically off the grid, involving mountain adventures or tropical island destinations – all involving adrenaline sports of some kind. 

STYLE: Do you have any advice for any of our readers who may come into contact with police officers?   

A: Yes, be very polite and respectful.  Do not talk to law enforcement about whatever charges you may be faced with.  Just politely state that you want to talk to your attorney, Scott L. Richardson!  407-843-9411

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