Celebs over 40 with rockin’ beach bodies!

Swimsuit season is upon us and I have to ask… whose brilliant idea was it to have spring so soon after the two holidays where we literally gorge ourselves full with great food and wine?! Many of us have to put in hours of work at the gym to get beach body ready, and I can only imagine how much harder that becomes when you start factoring in age and the slowing of your metabolism. Getting older never makes things easier when it comes to staying in shape. That is, unless you’re the following celebs who seem to have access to the fountain of youth (or more likely, an expensive personal trainer). These celebs may be past mid-age, but their bodies can still stun in the sun.

Mark Wahlberg, 45 years old

When he played a bodybuilder in 2013’s Pain & Gain, Mark Wahlberg did a great job of reminding the ladies why he used to be an underwear model. Several years later, he’s still rocking a body that can rival many of his peers and his secret is no secret at all. He simply trains with the same intensity and hardcore dedication that he puts into everything he does. Check out his full workout in detail on bodybuilding.com! Just be ready to make pain your new best friend immediately afterwards.

Cameron Diaz, 44 years old

They say age ain’t nothing but a number and Cameron Diaz seems to be the living embodiment of that fact! Although it’s easy to assume she’s always been the health conscious superstar she is today, Cameron would be the first one to tell you that this isn’t the case. It was only after she quit smoking and was cast in Charlie’s Angels at the age of 26 that Cameron began to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Today she loves the gym and if she could give you just one tip for a healthy life, it would be to drink lots of water. Take a look at her #1 New York Times bestseller, The Body Book, for her complete guide to becoming happier, healthier, and stronger.

Jennifer Aniston, 48 years old

Jennifer Aniston is at the top of every list whenever people start talking about Hollywood’s ageless celebs. With a body and face that looks the same as it did in her 20s, I’m not entirely convinced she’s fully human. My doubts aside however, Jennifer’s tips for maintaining that great shape include a very disciplined diet and workout routine. She works out five days a week, and each session is a combination of cardio and stretches. As a result, she says she feels better in her 40s both physically and mentally.

Cindy Crawford, 51 years old

This supermodel has never lost her supermodel shape and she credits that to nothing but good old-fashioned workouts and “clean” eating. In 1992, Crawford released the Cindy Crawford: Shape Your Body Workout video and it’s incredible to see how little has changed nearly 30 years later. In an interview with Shape, Cindy spoke of her secret to looking ageless, saying, “I do think all the years of taking care of myself have added up. I don’t smoke, I have exercised for over 25 years, I use sunscreen, and take care of my skin… But probably the most important thing is to be living your life with gratitude. When you are grateful, you can’t help being happy.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 44 years old

It may be cheating to include a professional wrestler in a list of stars with great bodies, but I think you’ll forgive me after admiring Dwayne Johnson’s rock hard beach body. To look the part for 2014’s Hercules, Johnson elevated his training significantly and bulked up by using a six-days-on, one-day-off schedule for six months, As one of Hollywood’s highest paid celebs with a starring role in Baywatch being released this year, it only makes sense that Dwayne would be in such incredible physical shape (I mean c’mon, they don’t call him “The Rock” for nothing). I don’t  know about you, but I’ll definitely be at the theater on May 26th to watch Baywatch and reap the benefits of what he sowed at the gym.

Jennifer Lopez, 47 years old

Staying in shape has never been more important then when your job consist of donning skimpy outfits and dancing across a stage in front of thousands of your biggest fans. That pressure might be too much for some, but for Jennifer Lopez it has resulted in her being in the best shape of her life. Her advice for making the most of a workout is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, especially before hitting the gym. Daily exercise, sensible eating and a desire to stay healthy and happy are the things that will keep this superstar looking beach body ready for many more years to come.