The newest plastic surgery trend women are getting

Move over boob job, the nips are taking over! I’m sure many of you have heard of the popular hashtag #freethenipple and it would make sense since many celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Bella Hadid and more have been rocking the braless trend and posting it all over Instagram.  And now, it is catching on…

Since then, many ladies have been meeting with plastic surgeons and going under the knife for a nipple enhancement. In this procedure women wish to change the shape, firmness, and color of their nipples so that they can have the “perfect nipple” or as some surgeons call them, “designer” nipples. Many women want to be able to have their nipples show through their shirt and some feel like they just don’t have the “right” nipples.

Many women will bring in photos of celebs where their nipple isn’t showing but you can see the pointy-ness of them through a shirt. Some women claim that having them peep through makes them feel more feminine and sexy.

So if you’re looking for some permanent head lights here are some of the options. Ladies can get surgery were surgeons will usually use fillers to help patients get their dream nipples, and they last about two years. And if maybe if you wanted something less invasive you can get botox which only last about three to four months and none of these procedures takes longer than 30 minutes and can be performed on any type of nipple included inverted ones.

However like all things in life, there are risks. Nipples are very sensitive, they are filled with nerve endings for sensation and milk ducts for breast feeding. And getting fillers injected may damage these structures.  It is important that you talk to your doctor before undergoing any cosmetic surgery.

If all of that freaks you out, not to worry, there is a much more affordable and less painful way to get the nipple of your dreams. You can buy pasties online that have already a “stiff nip” and you can get the “cold” or “freezing” option.