Teeth Whitening: Everything you need to know.

We all strive for perfection now a days, especially with the pressure of social media (cough cough Instagram) And having the prefect smile is probably one of the things everyone wish they could have if they could. Well, we have good news. With the demand increasing over the years for whiter teeth (and straightening) technology has made it super easy and accessible to have whiter teeth, from quick-fixes to long term results, you can even get whiter teeth from the comfort of your very own bathroom, or wherever! There are many different options to get those pearly whites even whiter. Here are some options!

Teeth whitening strips:

Probably the easiest and cheapest option. You can buy teeth whitening strips almost anywhere, any pharmacy, or supermarket. There are many different brands that make them, you can choose which you like, however, this option is more for quick fixes, so if your looking for more permanent results this isn’t the option for you.

Charcoal Powder:

This is a more gentle, natural approach to teeth whitening, at least compared to bleaching your teeth. Charcoal powder gives your teeth a deep clean, without damaging your enamel and removing any stains over time. Can get a little messy and don’t be scared of seeing black teeth in the mirror. As good of an option this is, it’s still not a permanent, long term option. But great for maintaining already white teeth.

Professional Bleaching Teeth Whitening:

If your looking for a more dramatic before and after, this is it, but requires a seat in the dentist chair.  You’ll need to sit with your dentist for a general over look of your teeth, and to go over any concerns you might have regarding the process.  The results can last up to 24 months if you keep away the foods/drinks that are white teeth’s worst enemy. This is by far the most effective option, but also the more expensive choice. This is a safe procedure, and highly recommended.