On November 29, Orlando’s own There For Tomorrow is returning to the stage for one night only at the Beacham in celebration of the ten-year anniversary of their debut full-length album, “A Little Faster.”

For the first time since 2014, the award-winning alt-rock band will be performing live to commemorate a remarkable, hit-making career that has captivated and connected with listeners worldwide. Bandmates Maika Maile, Chris Kamrada, Christian Climer, and Jay Enriquez are reuniting to recap the legacy of a band that established a renowned footprint in the artistry of Orlando’s culture. With two albums and an EP released on Hopeless Records, international tours including multiple Warped Tour runs, and ten years of creating music that transcended cultural barriers, There For Tomorrow has cultivated a thriving global fan base and achieved numerous accolades, while making their mark on alternative music history. 

This one-time reunion show in the band’s hometown will honor the groundbreaking songs that spoke universally to audiences around the world and opened doors in the lives of each member of There For Tomorrow to pursue both solo projects and personal successes. Now, after years of anticipation, it all comes down to this. For longtime fans and Orlando natives, There For Tomorrow’s tenth-anniversary performance will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience one of Florida’s most unforgettable bands like never before.