1. Advertiser does agree to purchase advertising space and shall pay the fee set to Publisher as indicated therein. 2. All advertisements are accepted and produced by the Publisher on the representation that the advertiser is fully authorized, has secured proper consent for use of such material, and that the Publisher may lawfully publish Advertiser’s material (copy, text, photos, and illustrations in advertisements). It is understood that the advertiser will indemnify any loss, expense or any other liability arising out of publication of such advertisement. The Publisher reserves the right to alter and/or change any Advertiser’s layout, artwork and/or advertisement that does not conform to the Publisher’s specifications with or without notice to the Advertiser. 3. Under no circumstances shall Publisher be liable and responsible of claims for right reserved photographs, copyrights, false advertising and any other material and information supplied by the advertiser. Publisher reserves the right to decline any advertisement, before or after published closing date. 4. Publisher will make every effort to print and distribute the Magazine by the issue date, the Publisher shall not be held liable, and the Advertiser agrees to waive its rights to hold the Publisher liable for failure to distribute any issue of the magazine. 5. Cancellations must be in writing, and none are considered accepted until confirmed by the Publisher. Publisher is entitled to charge a short rate plus cancelation fees, if contract value [contract total] is not fulfilled. Publisher is entitled to a cancelation fee minimum of 50% of the remaining contract value even if no ad space is used by advertiser. Ad frequency means to be consecutive without interruption. 6. Publisher reserves right to repeat a previous ad or pre-pare and insert an ad without prior approval of copy or layout by the advertiser if ad materials are not received by published deadlines. 7. Publisher’s liability for failure to place or position advertising as agreed is limited to refund of the premium fee paid.

The Authorized Representative signing has authority to bind the Advertiser to this contract With my signature below, I personally guarantee to pay all amounts required under this contract. I also have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions. 

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