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Spirits and cocktails have become more popular over the years, but that doesn’t mean that high end spirits are for everyone, for many reasons. Wherever you fall on this, there are some luxury liquors you just need to appreciate, from taste, age, and the bottle itself, the kind you can only find in elite lounges, and five-star hotel minibars. Here are just four liquors we picked.

Takashi Murakami X Next5 Sake

$50 – $1000
Made by five different brewers in the Akita region of Japan, this sake uses the traditional method of placing kimoto yeast in a bag with rice and water, working that bag by hand each day and letting the yeast chow down on the rice and clarify it into alcohol.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label  ‘Year of the Ram’

$258 or $1,036 for set
We’ll admit theres not much of a difference than the normal Johnnie Walker Blue, but this chinese New Years series features scrollwork on its side depicting a ram. There was similar artwork for the Year of the Horse in 2014, and we’ll admit it’s a nice touch for collectors.

Louis XIII Le Mathusalem

I know you’re probably thinking, why does this cost as much as car? Well, Remy Martin has been producing cognac for just shy of three centuries.

Made in the Cognac region of France with a blend of hundreds of clear eau de vie brandies that are up to a century old, Louis XIII doesn’t get trotted out for just any occasion. A standard 700-milliliter bottle typically fetches upwards of $3,000. A three-liter Jeroboam bottle sells at auction for six figures.

Ciroc Ten Vodka

Made exclusively from fine French grapes, it’s a new standard of luxury celebration – CÎROC™ TEN. Their master distiller selected a vibrant blend of fine French grape varietals, including the first harvest grapes of the 2013 vintage. The blend was created in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of CÎROC™ Ultra-Premium Vodka. CÎROC™ Ultra-Premium Vodka is gluten free.