Broker & Owner of Metropolitan Real Estate Solutions

Alejandra & Metropolitan’s core philosophy is their “Stress-Free” motto. The firm is a full-service real estate brokerage specializing in personalized, stress-free, all-inclusive front to back real estate solutions for international clients. With services ranging from sales, property management, relocation, sourcing professional services like financing, accounting, or legal support and contracting vendors, they truly mean it when they say “stress-free”.

Alejandra’s primary aspiration has been to foster long-lasting relationships surpassing mere commercial dealings. Almost twenty years of consistent growth is living proof of it. Her career track record of over $360 million in transactions and hundreds of homes under management brought her many accolades. She was recognized as one of the top twenty brokers under forty by the Orlando Realtor’s Association and consistently awarded “Elite Realtor” by nationally recognized home builders.   

“I Look back at the past 20 years with a sweet sense of nostalgia. I had only been in this country for a short period of time and like most young adults was looking for a career path. As a self-motivated, self-taught, highly competitive, and driven individual I aspired to be the best at what I did. An always present, strong emotional motivator has been making a positive impact on people. Real estate was the perfect catalyst for it. Two decades later, I couldn’t be happier with my choice.” 

Alejandra will tell you that Metropolitan acts as a proud Ambassador of our City Beautiful. They present the unique opportunities Orlando has to offer on both an economic and personal level. In return, our city gains incredible families, individuals, and new businesses, positively impacting the local economy and culture.

6735 Conroy Rd., Suite 107, Orlando, Fl 32835 |  |  P: 407-953-6501