Real Estate Broker


“I like to be the google for my clients, I like being the resource”

13+ years of experience and still under 40

Alejandra Silva, CEO and Broker of Metropolitan Real Estate Solutions.

A real estate boutique created during The Recession.

The main idea was to offer a turn key service with an accurate scenario of how investing in real estate looks like.

Managing expectations, is the single most important aspect to maintaining a healthy & rewarding relationship with our clients.

From sitting down one on one or in a conference call to listen to their goals, needs, style, plans, going over the processes, timing, expenses, payments, return (if working with investors), It’s all about expectations.

When we meet with a client for the first time, it is to make their time worth it, the goal is to make sure they are well informed, so they can make the best decision with no surprises!

Every client is unique and only by providing one on one personalized service, we can give the best service and advice.

Are they investors?  first time home buyers? Second home? Explaining the processes, numbers, locations, lifestyle, costs, responsibilities, economy, jobs in the area, schools, taxes, association fees and provide important details, provides the client a clear scenario of the investment.

By doing that not only we have the satisfaction of being outstanding real estate advisors but also builds our clients trust and our credibility, and that I believe is the key to our success.

We specialize in international clients. The main countries we work with are: Venezuela. Qatar, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.

“As a foreign person myself, I understand how it feels moving to another country and not knowing how the system works, from the simplest things such as utilities, and I believe that is how our 5-star service was created; we provide Solutions no matter what the situation is.”

We strive to build relationships not transactions.

The property management team is the key when working with investors; managing their properties, having the knowledge and expertise on what to expect from that property, in terms of return, vacancies, income and others.

Delivering results and keeping clients close = success.

We want to be the direct resource and always be of service, even if is not real estate related. Our relationship with clients is the foundation of our company.

C. 1+   407-929-7308 –  Orlando

O. 58+ 212-335-1369 – Caracas

O. 52+ 55-5351-8650 – Mexico City

O. 54+ 11-5167-6962 – Buenos Aires | |