“The Future Belongs to Arteek”

Arteek is much more than just Orlando’s largest premier home design center. Arteek is a remarkable and unique business model that you won’t find anywhere else. Whereas big chain home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have sold the same products for the last decade, Arteek is all about what’s new and what’s hot. They are the only store in Orlando that offers a one-stop-shop solution for your home designs with a variety of high-end products. From luxury chandeliers to entire kitchens that you can touch and feel, there is no store in Orlando like Arteek. Unsurprisingly, the idea for this family-owned business came about as most brilliant ideas do—out of sheer frustration.

“I was looking for Toto toilets for my house and after going to five or six different stores, I realized that we have no stores in Orlando that could serve what I was looking for so I decided to create that store myself.” -Ahmed El Batrawy, Arteek Founder & CEO

Ahmed El Batrawy founded Arteek in 2015 and opened its doors to the public in January of 2016. The name means “The Art of the Greek” and was inspired by a beautiful store that Ahmed used to frequent in the heart of Cairo, Egypt many years ago. After purchasing a building off of Lee Road, it took six months for Ahmed to renovate and convert the 15,000 square feet of space into the store it is today with modern LEDs and green technology throughout the building. It took a great amount of work, but now Arteek remains one of the most beautiful stores in all of Central Florida.

“Customers come and spend an hour or two in our stores even if they’re not buying anything. They just want to get an idea, to look at the product, to feel it, to touch it, and to ask questions. We treat our customers very luxuriously and we do a lot of events and parties. We are trying to make the shopping experience different.” -A.E.

To say a shopping experience at Arteek is “different” would be quite the understatement. Customers who walk through their doors can enjoy everything from hot chocolate and Starbucks coffee to refreshing wine and an ice cold bottle of beer. Best of all, customers don’t even need to buy anything to do so. It’s all 100% complimentary, which goes hand in hand with Arteek’s mission to maintain excellent customer service and to serve as many customers as they can—and that number is about to grow!

“We’re excited to be opening a second location in Downtown Orlando in 2019. It will be a very selective store with more lines, very high-end brands, and very good product pricing. We are also going to launch our first rewards program for builders and for consumers.” -A.E.

No doubt about it, the new location will continue to offer the best pricing for the most luxury home design products that you can see, touch, and feel for yourself. The downtown location is slated to open the first month of January and by the end of 2019, Ahmed plans to have three Arteek locations across the entire state. When you look at the remarkable success of this company, it may surprise you to hear that not everyone has always been on board.

“When I tried to open the store, everyone told me I was going to fail. They said, ‘Orlando’s not interested. People don’t care. They’re going to buy online,’ but I believe in Orlando. I believe it’s growing and that it’s a great city and we proved everyone wrong.” -A.E.

If the best revenge against your naysayers is success, than Arteek has more than enough to go around. Today, Arteek is an authorized dealer for countless big names and boast over 75 billboards around Orlando. From Viking and Kohler to Delta and other selective brands, Arteek is changing the way Orlando shops by featuring an unbelievable selection of luxury products that you won’t find anywhere else. These are products with exciting new technologies that are matching how the new generation works and thinks. Needless to say, the future truly does belong to Arteek.


Arteek Supply & Design
1790 Lee Road Orlando, FL 32810
(407) 430-3030 | www.arteek.com