Bentley Mulliner has revealed the all-new Bacalar*. The rarest two-door Bentley of the modern era, and the ultimate expression of two-seat, open-air luxury, this definitive Grand Tourer spearheads a return to coachbuilding by Bentley Mulliner – the oldest coachbuilder in the world.

Just 12 examples of this striking, limited edition model are being created, guaranteeing rarity and exclusivity, and offering supreme luxury and breathtaking performance.


The Bacalar draws on design DNA from the beautifully sculpted, award-winning EXP 100 GT, and propels Bentley into a new century of extraordinary, as the most dynamically sculpted model from Bentley’s designers to date. A genuine ‘roofless’ Barchetta, Bacalar is a luxurious, two-seat, open-air performance car, the likes of which has never been seen before.


Inside Bacalar’s cabin, Bentley craftspeople have created a cockpit like no other. The architecture of the Bacalar has allowed Bentley Mulliner designers to create a ‘wraparound’ cockpit design that not only blends the interior and exterior together but also emphasizes the two-seater character. The wraparound design flows from a steeply angled centre console into the dashboard, before sweeping into the door panels. These then continue towards a uniquely styled, semi-enclosed luggage compartment behind the seats. These two luggage ‘pods’ envelope the seats creating a true two-seater cabin.

Every detail has been uniquely designed: a new, knurled pattern was created for the iconic Bentley ‘bullseye’ vents seen in our current and past models. The new knurling pattern has been repeated around the interior, including the steering wheel controls, media and climate controls and even the intricate speaker frets.

A unique steering wheel, leather strap door and seat releases, special digital instrumentation and a unique key design enhance the luxurious cabin still further.

The cabin can be completely specified by the customer, working with Mulliner, and new materials available to choose include Riverwood, British wool, Dark Bronze and Midnight Black Titanium.


At the heart of Bacalar’s dashboard is an advanced, fully digital, driver-focussed instrument panel and the now famous Bentley Rotating Display. This digital MMI display has been elegantly designed by Bentley with a customer-configurable home screen. For Bacalar, the Rotating Display features rare Riverwood veneer, a material first introduced in the EXP 100 GT concept, which rotates when the engine is started to reveal the high-resolution touchscreen.

Three configurable windows are able to display the driver’s preferred functions, such as telephone, media and navigation. The interface is designed to operate like a smartphone, with menus that are structured and simple to follow. The third side of the Bentley Rotating Display presents three, elegant analogue dials that display outside temperature, a compass and chronometer.

Each car also features a unique clock face with individual one-of-12 badging.


Owning a Bacalar is the start of a journey of discovery, representing a return to the exciting early years of Bentley, allowing owners to help shape the car of their dreams. Every element of Bacalar has been carefully and meticulously designed with a depth and detail, from the use of precious inlays and unique finishes to the driver controls, to the 148,199 individual stitches needed to embroider the unique Bacalar quilt on each seat. Owners will find details and parts in their Bacalar not seen before on a Bentley.

The exterior look of each model will be completed in collaboration with individual customers, who are able to further personalize their car, choosing from rare paint options, exterior treatments and design themes. The interior can also be finished in an almost infinite number of ways, with each car co-created and commissioned in conjunction with the Bentley Mulliner team. Every car will be individually specified and finished using any of the many Bentley colors and materials available.

The Bentley Mulliner Bacalar is not available to buy: however, you can create your own Bentley with Mulliner, with the support of Bentley’s creative experts and craftspeople. Speak with your local Bentley dealer to find out more.