Dr. Danelle Chambers is no stranger to adventure and a fearless embrace of life.  Those qualities have led her to great success as well challenges to be overcome.    Just recently, her enthusiasm for adventure led her over frightening cliffs while skiing in Breckinridge, Colorado.  After excellent medical care, a surgery and a little luck, Dr. Chambers is expected to experience a full recovery and allow her to be right where she was born to be – in the operating room and caring for patients.

Dr. Chambers believes firmly that confidence, adventure, and courage are necessary traits to be a good surgeon. She must be ready to evaluate each patient who walks in the door, diagnose the patient’s condition and be prepared to fix any problem.  Dr. Chambers’ dream to be a general surgeon began in middle school after hearing the father of one of her friends talk about the surgeries he had conducted that day.  She knew then that she wanted to be telling those stories someday.  She committed herself to working hard both in the classroom and on the tennis court which allowed her to attend Virginia Tech on an athletic scholarship.   After excelling at Virginia Tech, she was accepted into medical school at the University of Florida.  Her journey to become a surgeon led her to complete her surgical residency at Orlando Regional Medical Center which cemented her path as a general surgeon and her home in Central Florida.  She has been a general surgeon for almost 20 years.  Dr. Chambers is the managing partner of The Surgical Group of Orlando and the Medical Director of SandLake Surgery Center.

Dr. Danelle Chambers feels strongly that she is blessed to have been given a unique talent and treats that talent as a gift.  She focuses each day on using her talent and the gifts she has been given to help people in a wide variety of stressful and challenging situations from minor surgeries to diagnosing life-threatening conditions such as Cancer and ultimately performing surgery to save her patient’s life.  She is passionate about her calling and it radiates from her face and the way in which she treats each and every patient with respect and dignity.  She has been the recipient of The most compassionate doctor award and has been a Top Doctor in Orlando magazine. 

Dr. Chambers knows that she could not have succeeded without the love and support of her family and friends.  She takes every opportunity possible to show her appreciation and improve the lives of those around her.  “I am grateful for the ability to be involved in the lives of so many people and make an impact.  Patients make me realize every day that things can always be worse, and I know that now more than ever. “


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