2018 Millenial Pink:

It is here to stay

Let’s establish one thing: the Millenial Pink refuses to go away. Even if you haven’t heard of this type of pink or didn’t know it went by this particular name, chances are you’ve still seen it.

Take two seconds to imagine Barbie’s pink and now, tone it down approximately two notches. You have the color everyone began calling Millenial Pink in the summer of 2016. Although forecasts for 2017’s fashion trends implied that the hue would make a grand exit, it is quite the contrary.

It is 2018 and the color is still reigning more than ever – just as it is and even as a neutral shade too. Blush pink, a calmer version of tint, is now taking over with a serene effect. It is unlike the Millenial Pink that stands as a statement shade. The color goes perfectly with a mix of grays, browns, and creams.

Prepare yourself to see it in just about any tangible item. It is coming out in accessories, clothes, appliances, textiles and pretty much any product your eyes perceive.

dark wood & lights

Perfect for small spaces

This season is welcoming dark wood into its menu of interior design trends. Throw in some light brown colors of natural wood to embrace a modern and appealing look inside of your home. Chocolate brown hues are equipped to give a touch of comfort and richness to any space. Combined with a bright, light design, this interior look shows off beauty and luxury.