Infectious Disease

Since this is the Doctor Knows Best issue, let’s first acknowledge that without the patient’s willingness to heal and learn, therapies do not work.  We hope the following three snippets are relevant and apropos.

First is travel.   When travelling do some research.  Visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s travel specific website  Don’t fret when reading CDC’s information.  Note vaccination requirements as wells as the availability of clean water.  If you are going to be around large groups in an enclosed environment (subway, cruise ships, etc.), wash your hands often.  Just enjoy the experience and keep it simple.

Second is the use of antibiotics.  A common question is whether the symptoms are due to a virus or bacteria.  Antibiotics treat certain infections caused by bacteria and do NOT work on viruses.  Taking antibiotics has a cost in terms of side effects and long term resistance to that medicine.  Again the CDC has fantastic educational material (  If you have any questions, please talk to your physicians.

Lastly is the flu season.  By the time you are reading this, we should have moved past the peak number of cases.  Every year there’s a new flu vaccine.  That vaccine is a best guess about the strain that will be the most active.  Go get vaccinated.  In the event you are inflicted with the flu next season, remember it’s a virus (see above).  Refer to the CDC site ( for updates.

In 2008, Dr. Shah founded Premier Infectious Disease Care in Winter Park.   Over the last year, three physicians have joined the practice.   She has been practicing at Winter Park Memorial Hospital for over 12 years, but with the help of the additional physicians, the practice has expanded to cover additional campuses of Florida Hospital (Orlando and East) and Oviedo Medical Center.  Over the course of these years she has been blessed to work with a wonderful office staff as well as the many nurses, physicians, and caregivers in the region.

Dr. Shah’s kids are growing up too fast.  One is in college and the other is about to enter high school.  In her spare time, she enjoys dancing and travel.

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