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By any standard, Dr. Michael M. Gutierrez is an outstanding example of what an individual can achieve with the right amount of passion and dedication. His list of accolades is long—and marked by over 30 years of leadership and innovation in the Orlando area. Yet, despite a long history of professional achievement, his contributions to the community extend far beyond the confines of business.

Having emigrated from Cuba at a young age, Gutierrez and his family quickly set roots in the southeastern corner of the United States. It’s here where his studies in Dermatology began, and where he eventually founded Mid Florida Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, & Allergy. As CEO of the company, Gutierrez has overseen the growth of the business from a small, locally based medical practice to one the largest single-owner medical corporations in the country.

From here, Gutierrez set his roots even deeper, serving as Chairman of the Dermatology Department at Florida Hospital, an Associate Professor at FSU and a member of the teaching faculty at UCF. 

Central Florida has become a true home for Dr. Gutierrez in so many ways. As patients become friends and students become colleagues, his ties with the community continue to flourish. It’s been his pride to share his passion for health with the Orlando area, and foster a sense of fellowship within the local medical community.

He’s raised three incredible children in Central Florida, and currently lives in downtown Orlando where he and his loving wife are raising their two boys. His home life is filled with beach days and family outings, road trips with their three dogs and enjoying all the Sunshine State has to offer.

Life in Orlando inspires him to expand his legacy for health and wellness in the area. From developing a non-carcinogenic, reef-friendly mineral sunblock to developing a first of its kind, Asthma, Allergy, & Atopic Dermatitis Center for children, Dr. Gutierrez never seems to tire of seeking out new ways to enrich his community.

Dr. Gutierrez would like to sincerely thank Orlando Style magazine for the honor of being named this year’s Man of the Year, and express his gratitude for finding such an incredible sense of home in Central Florida.