If you’re longing for a fresh perspective this holiday season, Air Unlimited invites you to explore these islands of intrigue, which have hidden away some of the most charming qualities of Bahamian life like a well-kept secret.

With the islands a mere 300 miles from Orlando and 345 miles from Tampa, Air Unlimited flights to the Abacos are as friendly as the island people, offering Floridians trips around one hour in length. 

What could possibly take the relaxation factor of your Abaco getaway to the next level? Private luxury air service. Located at Orlando-Sanford International Airport, Air Unlimited makes traveling to your new favorite islands an effortless experience. Scheduled flights and charters at affordable pricing take the stress out of planning your de-stressing trip. The island vibes begin even before takeoff with easy booking through their online service, and a much-needed break from long lines and baggage fees, as well as free parking on direct flights.

Air Unlimited Partners Charles “Chick” Gregg and Mark Neubauer founded their charter business on their love for aviation and the belief that luxurious travel should be well within reach. Raised by fathers with careers in flight, both of the pilots have carried on their family tradition to benefit those seeking an island getaway, conveniently transporting Floridians to Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay International Airports in the Abaco Islands.

Once you arrive in the sunny Abacos, you will quickly want to climb aboard one of the dozens of boats within view. Since the colonial era, these islands have been the boating capital of the world, and the variety of cays in the Abacos chain make this destination the perfect place for island hopping. Wherever you venture to on the islands, you’ll discover the warmth and welcome of the Abaco people who are eager to show you what makes these islands the best in the Bahamas.

Three miles east of Great Abaco lies Green Turtle Cay, a paradisiacal island teeming with troves of the green turtles that give the land its name. The beautiful stretch of sand and shore lines the world’s third largest barrier reef, sporting excellent undersea treasures for snorkelers and scuba divers.

A stroll around Green Turtle Cay will have you imagining yourself in a colonial New England fishing port, complete with cottages and white picket fences. Founded in the 1700s by Loyalists, the village of New Plymouth still retains the English aesthetic of its historic past.

Green Turtle Cay is home to one of the top destinations in the Abacos, the Bluff House Beach Resort and Marina, tucked away at the highest point of the Cay. With views of the ocean that will lull you into a daydream, Bluff House seems to have been fashioned for those in love with the sea. The resort’s full service marina offers boaters the vacation of a lifetime, and as the only marina on Green Turtle Cay with specific “Catamaran Slips,” it is the choice marina for guests wanting to set sail with ease.

Every luxury suite is waterfront and features a breathtaking view of the Sea of Abaco. A stay in one of the Bluff House’s private cottages gives larger groups of visitors even more seclusion and tranquility. The old-world British West Indies-inspired design of the resort and its suites encourage travelers to explore all that awaits. 

The 12-acre property is perfect for those desiring a quiet holiday escape, with a private white-sand beach for guests to relax in the sunshine and sea breezes uninterrupted. The beach is just a few footsteps away from the Tranquil Turtle Beach Bar, where you can enjoy the tastes of the Abacos with traditional Bahamian food and tropical drinks, surrounded by the musical sounds of the island. As the only private beach on Green Turtle Cay, the coveted location makes resort guests feel as royal as those of the British Crown.

The feelings of royalty are not limited to the Bluff House Resort; perhaps the most appealing quality of the Abacos is its innate sensibility—that of both the island and the people living upon it—to really make visitors feel as though they have found paradise. From the wonderful resort staff to conversations with friendly locals, you’ll find an endless spirit of cheerfulness to ease your mind during your stay.

The impeccable service all over Green Turtle Cay is one of the many reasons to try the best dining options this island has to offer. The Club Restaurant at Green Turtle Club Resort & Marina is the creation of Executive Chef Michael Howell, and is a quintessential resort-casual dining experience. With a wide range of regional Abaco favorites and gourmet dishes, The Club Restaurant sets a delicious scene complete with the elegance of outdoor waterfront dinners. Dine by candlelight on the patio as you marvel at the view of White Sound Harbor glistening in the moonlight.

For boat lovers, Lizard’s Bar & Grill at Leeward Yacht Club & Marina encompasses the leisurely atmosphere of a life at sea. Framed within a vibrant, 7-acre tropical landscape, the Leeward Yacht Club is home to this Caribbean-themed restaurant sure to satisfy your hunger for true Bahamian cuisine.

If you’re island retreat calls for a bit of adventure, visit Brendal’s Dive Center for your opportunity to surround yourself with the effervescent wildlife and under-the-sea beauties that lie beyond the shore. Since 1985, Brendal’s Dive Center has offered visitors exciting snorkeling and diving escapades in the crystalline waters of the Abacos. Explore coral reef catacombs, come face-to-face with the island’s famous green turtles, and swim alongside a vibrant tapestry of fish. Brendal’s Adventure Specialty Packages let you lose yourself in a coral-filled sea of mystique as you island hop, feed stingrays, sharks, and indulge in a fresh seafood picnic lunch on the beach.

A quick boat trip will take you to Manjack Cay, a privately owned island that has yet to be developed. Here you can truly catch a glimpse of the untouched Bahamas in their natural state, while sifting through sand for buried seashell treasures and feeding even more gentle stingrays who love to meet new two-legged friends.

Just south of Green Turtle Cay the fun continues at Noname Cay, a relatively uninhabited island except for a cluster of affectionate, swimming pigs! Peppered with beautiful Casuarina trees, this is a one-of-a-kind hideaway for boaters seeking time to survey the natural beauty of the island. Climb ashore and enjoy a beach picnic, or swim in the shallow waters with these happy pigs who are hungry for company.

Wherever your Abaco adventure takes you, there will be plenty of opportunities to seek relaxation and exploration in these idyllic islands. Plan your holiday getaway through Air Unlimited now, and discover the joys of the Abaco experience!