Race car driver Stanton Barrett sits down with Orlando Style Magazine to discuss the power and importance of CBD for athletes in extreme sports

Orlando Style: How did you first learn about and become involved with Ojai Energetics?

Stanton Barrett: It was an event of synergy!  I am from Bishop, CA, near Mammoth Mountain Ski resort. My grandfather founded and built Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. On a trip to Mammoth, I met Will Kleidon, founder of Ojai Energetics. I’ve been involved with professional sports and have been supportive of natural ways to improve health, performance and well being in my own life. Becoming involved with Ojai Energetics struck me as a way to help others reach maximum health.

OS: What do you know about the science behind CBD?

SB: CBD is a vital nutrient for everyday health and wellbeing. Everybody has an endocannabinoid system, but since the government outlawed hemp and cannabis in the early 1900s, our bodies have become CBD deficient. CBD is a critical nutrient for modern society dealing with oxidative stress. While deficiencies of certain vitamins can beget specific conditions (vitamin C and scurvy, vitamin D and rickets), a diet low in CBD can create imbalance in the endocannabinoid system.

CBD is known to have medicinal properties, without the psychoactive effects of THC (in other words, you won’t get high when taking it). The endocannabinoid system in our bodies is involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood and memory – and cannabinoids are necessary nutrients that stabilize that system. While some CBD may be derived from forms of cannabis that contain high amounts of THC, CBD may also be produced from industrial hemp plants that meet the legal standards of 0.3% THC.

Ojai Energetics CBD is hemp-derived and contains no more or less than 0.03% THC. CBD is a phytonutrient and is vital to living a long healthy life.

OS: I’ve read CBD oil is being used for everything from seizure disorders and fibromyalgia to insomnia. Have you heard stories from anyone–Ojai Energetics customers or personal contacts–about how the oil has been beneficial?

SB: CBD is a necessary phytonutrient that supports the body’s endocannabinoid system. I cannot comment directly on the medical effects that cannabinoids have on specific medical conditions. However, research shows how impactful the endocannabinoid system is on the rest of the systems in the body. It affects hormones, digestion, organ and brain function, and even neuro- receptors.

Ojai Energetics’ technology is the most effective, ethical and economical way to replenish your systems with cannabinoids and restore balance to the body.

OS: Have you used the oil yourself?

SB: When I met Will, I tested CBD with skeptical optimism.

Ojai Energetics’ technology has since improved my quality of life significantly, and I owe a great debt to Will for his modern innovations with this ancient root. In addition, it is gratifying to share this natural supplement with people around the world to better their quality of life and health.

OS: Is it better to inhale it or ingest it orally?

SB: CBD oil is most effective when ingested orally. You fill the dropper and dispense directly into your mouth (under the tongue). If it tastes sweet, that is all you need; if it doesn’t taste sweet, wait one minute and take another full drop. Continue taking full drops until it tastes sweet like honey. The honey taste means you have reached your body’s quota for CBD that day. Some days will require more drops depending on your mental and physical health; for example, if you are sick or extra stressed, you may need more than usual. Ojai Energetics’ proprietary absorption technology allows consumers to feel the positive effects of CBD in less than a minute. This means you may feel immediate relief of discomfort, unbalance and/or anxiety.

When CBD is not water soluble, around 90% of the cannabinoids get destroyed in the liver. Ojai Energetics’ CBD products utilize proprietary technology which encapsulates the full spectrum hemp oil (CBD) in a tiny water bubble, making it the most bio-available method on the market. This allows 250mg of CBD in Ojai Energetics’ product to feel like the equivalent of over 2500mg of CBD in regular products.

OS: What sets Super CBD apart from other CBD oils on the market?

SB: The patented process used in our Super CBD products encapsulates the full spectrum hemp oil (CBD) in a tiny water bubble, making it the most bio-available, safest and quickest absorption method on the market. It allows complete CBD benefits to be rapidly absorbed into the body in less than a minute.

OS: Do you have any advice for athletes interested in trying CBD oil?

SB: My advice to athletes is to research the benefits of CBD and our patented technology which delivers CBD’s nutrients most effectively. Professional athletes abuse their bodies daily and deplete their physical and mental resources. More than anyone, they are in need of CBD oil to replenish and maintain their bodies. It is scientifically proven that the intake of cannabinoids can only help.

Athletes will benefit from our product’s ability to increase focus, maintain and increase flow state and speed up recovery from extreme sporting activities or injuries.

To me the most important element of CBD is its effectiveness in reducing pain associated with strenuous activities or excessive exercise. It’s proven to naturally produce endorphins (which allow for better performance) and serotonin (which assists with improvement of sleep and recovery). In the end, CBD simply improves daily body functions and health. CBD is such an exciting phytonutrient and supplement that allows your body to optimize its full potential naturally, and our Super CBD provides it safely and ethically.

OS: Are there any concerns about athletes being penalized now or in the future for using CBD oil?

SB: Athletes have to conform to drug testing policies implemented in their respective sports. Our CBD is federally legal and has THC at .03%, far below the federal legal limit of .3%. Our CBD is non-psychoactive, which is very important because you won’t get high when taking it.

On drug tests there is nothing that shows up negative to their testing policies. Our federal law is clear that CBD grown under the farm bill is federally legal, and this non-psychoactive supplement is legal.

OS: What’s next on your to-do list?

SB: I will continue to search for ways to create a better way of life, healing and health, and educate those who are unaware of the resources of nature and its abundant healing ability. At Ojai Energetics, we aim to empower people to live their healthiest life and embrace creative vision, an ageless mindset and a peaceful world.

OS: Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

SB: I would like readers to know that there are many alternatives to traditional health remedies. As I grow older, I’ve become aware of how deficiencies in the endocannabinoid system can noticeably affect body function and decreasing quality of life.

Our water-soluble technology is the most effective and ethical in the world, created using organic capsulation practices without synthetics or chemically modifying the ingredients.

We are focused on providing you with the most ethical and proven CBD product in the world.

Together with love and effort, we can make a difference without greed as the bottom line.

From all of us at Ojai Energetics, we urge you to research nature’s most powerful plant and the technology we have pioneered. We believe you will find the most valuable and influential element nature has to offer.

For more information, visit: OjaiEnergetics.com.