Sign up for Bark University and you’ll leave with a canine as polished and well behaved as Lassie. Bark University is a special 5-week program that offers seven different class schedules to meet your pet objectives. So, bring your canine and don’t worry about the age; Bark University has classes for older dogs and pups. This program is led by Animal Behaviorist, Diane Anderson of the CPDT-KA and is designed with the human-animal bond in mind. The dog behavior workshop is broken down into two parts. Part 1 will implement the basic canine learning theory and pet owners will gain a better understanding of how dogs learn and how best to communicate with positive reinforcement. This portion of the workshop is for the humans only. Part 2, on the other hand allows pet owners to bring their dogs. In this portion of the workshop both pet and pet owner will receive hands on attention from Bark University trainers. No matter the issue, Bark University has a course for you and your furry companion.

The puppy class will star puppies age six-months-old or younger. The main objective here is socialization; this is the best time to do so since the younger the pup the easier the socialization process will be. Puppy owners will also get the chance to be hands on and learn how to puppy proof their homes and get puppies on a solid routine. The syllabus covers health concerns along with a list of what vaccinations puppies need. The health portion of the program will get into the cause and effect of things. The class will even present a discussion on puppy destructive behavior; an important potty training seminar is included; there will a presentation on the importance of Crate Training.

Bark University’s basic obedience class will show you how to utilize positive reinforcements to train your furry companion. This class is helpful in building a better bond between owner and pet companion. This class will teach the basics such as classic commands: Off, Sit, Down, Stay, Come and proper leash walking.

There is also a more advanced tricks class that will help your dog learn more intermediate commands: Shake, Roll Over, Crawl, Hide, and Speak are just a few. These fun and more challenging commands will help your pet feel more engaged with you.

The canine good citizen class has a certified exam that ensures your dog is a well-mannered, even tempered member of dog society. You will receive a certificate issued by the American Kennel Club. This testament of even temperament and overall appraisal for your pet’s personality is sure to come in handy.

Bark University’s nose work course is all about unleashing your pet’s natural abilities. In this course, your dog will learn to locate hidden objects with the power of their nose. Dogs will ‘hunt’ through a series of obstacle courses in order to create a more challenging environment in which your dog will locate the scent and then signal their triumph.

For something a little more fun, try signing your pup onto the agility course. This playful experience will get you and your dog moving. Lure your dog through hoops, over jumps, through tunnels and over walk boards. Once your dog masters these fun basics you will be able to lead your pup on to the teeter-totter. By the end of the five weeks both you and your dog will be able to run the entire course together with finesse.

Something important to note is that these classes are a $150.00 value but are being offered to you at only $65.00. There is one catch: dogs should be friendly and must be current on vaccinations, particularly the H3N2 flu vaccine. This time around summer school is actually going to  be a blast.